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Is There an Alternative to Prednisone?


I’ve had this question posed to me for years from loyal customers of my products, “Is there an Alternative to Prednisone?”  And the short answer to this question is “Yes and No.”

Systemic Enzymes are one of the best alternatives to one of the most prescribed steroids called Prednisone.  While nothing can really compare to how fast Cortisone works, what we do know is that Cortisone is associated with a number of harmful side effects.  Racing heart, mood changes, weight gain and addiction are but a few of the more immediate side effects.  Long-term effects of steroid use are even more detrimental, including (and I’m just mentioning a few), steroid-induced osteoporosis, loss of muscle, bulging eyes, cataracts, fat deposits, thin skin, hypertenstion and cushing’s syndrome.

Scores of clinical studies have evaluated the use of systemic multi-enzyme therapy in a variety of conditions commonly associated with inflammation, such as rheumatoid arthritis, surgery, fractures, sports injuries, and other injuries of the knees and ankles. Included among these are 11 double-blind, placebo-controlled trials and three trials comparing enzyme therapy with conventional pharmaceutical anti-inflammatory drugs. Of these 14 controlled trials, 13 showed the enzymes to be superior to placebo or the comparative drug.

So in terms of reducing inflammation, relieving symptoms and reducing or stopping the progressiveness of a disease, there are many supplements that I can recommend if you are looking for alternatives.

We have had success with several of our products such as  Serracor-NK, Serra RX 80, Serra RX 260 & Curcumin C3 Complex which all have a unique blend of ingredients that are phenomenal for fighting autoimmune conditions, inflammation, and general pain.
(Click here for to visit our store on these amazing products) . Curcumin C3 Complex is a turmeric that works with the body’s natural cortisol levels, making it an excellent choice,  but I  always like to recommend SERRACOR-NK or SERRA RX 80 as a starting point for treating any inflammatory disease, based on the numerous experiences of customers’ amazing success stories with both of those products. SERRACOR-NK  is simply the best all around enyzme product we have ever offered. It seems that SERRACOR-NK & SERRA RX combined would be an excellent choice for many conditions ranging from Autoimmune disorders, Pain & Inflammation, Sinusitis, Fibrosis, Respiratory Health, Circulatory Health &  Multiple Sclerosis patients as well.  Check out, “Hope in the New Year for Pulmonary Fibrosis Patients,” for more stories on Serracor-NK and Serra RX. You can also visit us at and pick from one of their many therapeutics bundle offers. If you’re tired of how your body feels and would like to have an alternative to prednisone these products are something to think about. The most advanced option would be to try our Dual Action Inflammation Support Bundles for the ultimate alternative to Prednisone.11__87181.1433202959.1280.1280__41948.1462920199.1280.1280

One thing to consider however, is enzymes can be difficult to absorb.  A way around this is enteric coating.  Our enzymes are individually enteric coated where as most companies only enteric coat the capsule. This method allows for the highest absorption of the enzymes. We have not only used a enteric coating but we also use a special delivery method called The Bioactive Protein Peptides System (BPPS) which  is a system of peptides used to stabilize and enhance the activity of enzymes.

The Bioactive Protein Peptides System was developed by Specialty Enzymes and Biotechnologies (SEB) specifically for enzyme stability. Stabilizers have been used since SEB began manufacturing enzymes in 1957. The BPPS system was a significant advancement developed by SEB in the early 1990’s.

It is true it was not trademarked until 2008, but it was in use long before. The reality is: a pure enzyme is not stable. It requires the addition of stabilizers in order to provide a reasonable shelf life. Because we are the actual manufacturer of enzymes with more than 50 years of manufacturing experience, our research and development team constantly works to improve stability and tolerance to the environments in which the enzymes interact. Marketing companies, on the other hand, will generally have significantly less understanding of the physio-chemical and kinetic properties of enzymes.

Another supplement that is commonly recommended as an alternative to Prednisone is Turmeric.  While stimulating the natural production of corticosteroids from the adrenal glands, it is considered a natural steroid, and a highly anti-inflammatory supplement, reducing swelling and pain

large_0200788.060“Curcumin is the active ingredient in the traditional herbal remedy and dietary spice turmeric (Curcuma longa). Curcumin has a surprisingly wide range of beneficial properties, including anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, chemopreventive and chemotherapeutic activity.”

“Curcumin exhibits great promise as a therapeutic agent, and is currently in human clinical trials for a variety of conditions, including multiple myeloma, pancreatic cancer, myelodysplastic syndromes, colon cancer, psoriasis and Alzheimer’s disease.”

Just as fascinating about turmeric being a wonderful alternative to corticosteroids is its use for Multiple Sclerosis.  “The researchers at Vanderbilt University Medical Center found that turmeric blocked the progression of an MS-like disease in mice. Although these findings are preliminary, the mice showed little or no sign of the symptoms of the disease after being injected three times a week with 50 and 100 microgram doses of curcumin, a compound found in turmeric. A group of mice who didn’t get the injections went on to develop severe symptoms of the disease.”

Feel free to call Biomedic Labs 888.298.7363 for additional questions. For more information regarding an alternative to Prednisone please visit the link below:


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  1. I am a cg\hrinic sinus patient all most 7 years. i have been taking Prednisone / medrol 5 / 4 mg daily. If I stop my body starts bursting due to immune system. Can you please recomend me any spice or herb that can be an alternative of this prednisone becuase my life is like a hell if I dont take it. Pl. help.

    • You need to first check with your doctor and let him know that you would like to discontinue with your medications before you go off of the meds. If he is alright with this we have a couple of products that can help in place of the prednisone and your immune system. To help with the replacement of prednisone we have two products that work very effectively for scar tissue and inflammation, called serracor-nk and serra rx80. For your immune system we have a Vitamin D3 that is 5,000 iu’s which is shown in high levels to help boost your immune system and immune response. You can learn more about those products by going to

      • I have nephrotic kidneys, and take 40mg of prednisone daily. Is that a high dosage? Would it be better to take an alternative?

      • Barb,

        That is fairly high but we can’t recommend stopping something your doctor has prescribed to you. I would try the Serracor N-K and Serra RX80 along with the Prednisone and maybe your doctor could wean you off of the Prednisone but that’s his call of course.

        Biomedic Labs

    • Curcumin is shown to help with inflammation. Curcumin is list on the FDA’s GRAS (generally recognized as safe) so its should be alright to take, but we always state that you need to consult with your doctor before taking any vitamins along with any prescription drugs. You should be able to call your doctor and tell him that you are thinking of taking this and ask if he would think it would be okay to take it while your taking prednisone.

      • Hello I have been using Termeric for several weeks since Christmas Eve as I have aRA and looking forward to going to help my daughter in Florada awaiting a new Grandson. Well I m loving the results I only use it for cooking golden tea and soups my lumps and joints have been absorbing the spice because supplement does not work for me. My new RA dr took my blood pressure and I’m normally always 120/80 this time my lower number was 59 my blood pressure was too low I cut back less than a teaspoon a day so anyone using this for B P or diabetes it also works for that

  2. Hi there my name is Bex my partner and i look after his 75 year old father who is on a lot of prescibed drugs including 6MG of prednisone a day and he can hardly walk and i think its due to the prednisone. He is prescribed it for his extremely itchy skin. Is there any alternative for this?

      • Turmeric- from what I’ve came across increases the effects of the bodies own steroids and also may make corticosteroids like prednisolone more effective.
        I would definitely consult with your dr regarding taking turmeric and if you’re on steroids.
        If you’re on 40mg or more of prednisolone in the uk (Prednisone in the USA may be different in this regard. Or if you have been on steroids for 3 weeks or longer it is crucial to taper them down or your body can become very sick and may even cause death.

        When you take prednisolone the adrenal glands (right above the kidneys) stop producing it and you rely on taking a weaning dose of steroids until you come off them. This weaning dose allows the body to deal with stress without becoming extremely ill and possibly causing of death

  3. I have chronic sinus and adult-onset asthma problems. I take Symbicort for my asthma. I had FESS last year. Since my sinus surgery, I have experienced several infections and had multiple rounds of antibiotic and prednisone. While my breathing is improved, I cannot smell unless I am on the prednisone. I would like a natural alternative that might be able to take on a regular basis to help with all of the sinus and respiratory problems I am experiencing. My doctor will only prescribe prednisone once every three months. I am allergic to NSAID’s. Can you recommend anything?

    • Dina,

      Serracor-NK and Serra RX80 would be perfect for what you have described. There have been numerous beneficial studies on the main ingredient in these two products for Sinusitis sufferers.

      Biomedic Labs

      • My doctor said, and everything I’ve read online says that scarring of the lungs is permanent. The biomediclabs website, however, claims to remove scar tissue from the lungs. Who is right? I have had the same problems as Dina. I’ve had 2 sinus surgeries. The only thing that works for me is prednisone and anitibiotics. I hate taking them, knowing all the bad side effects. Please help.

      • Claudia,

        All I can tell you is we have been offering these products for scarring of the lungs for nearly 10 years and we know it helps. Doctors don’t want to hear about anything that isn’t drug or surgery related…All I can suggest is to try our products for both conditions you suffer from as I don’t think you will be disappointed in the results.

        Biomedic Labs

  4. I have been using advair for the last 5 plus years and am sick of it. What herbs can you suggest that might be able to replace advair? Is this turmeric a good place to start?

  5. I was just prescribed prednisone. I had brachial pneumonia one month ago. I woke up without a voice yesterday feeling like I might be having the same type of symptoms. Went in for a chest x-ray and it looked fine. The Dr. Said I have bronchitis due to my allergies feeding off one another. He suggested I take a round of prednisone, 24 Tabs. Should I do this? I told him my reservations. He said it wasn’t too uncommon to have this following pneumonia. He said he was afraid if I didn’t do it that it might continue on for another 6 to 8 weeks. I am very hesitant. What are your thoughts?

  6. I have been seeing a foot Dr. that can’t seem to figure out why my feet are swelling and are in so much pain that I can’t walk at times. She gives me a Methylpredisolone Pack and it will work for the few days after I take it but I have beeen in pain and swelling for a year. I was researching this and Prednisone and wanted to find something I can take daily without harm to keep swelling & pain away. What do you sugguest?

    • Lizz,

      It sounds like you may have some fluid buildup possibly. I would start with the Serracor-NK for the swelling and would bet that you would see improvement within the first few weeks or so. This product is tremendous for swelling, inflammation, etc.

      Biomedic Labs

      • I have had edema in my legs for a couple of years. My feet and calves swell, the skin gets thin, red and sometimes creates blisters of clear liquid. My doctor had me on furosemide for water retention but it doesn’t do much more than make me live in the bathroom all morning.
        Last month I was on a 10 day round of prednisone for severe sciatic pain. After a few days the swelling started to disappear. By the end of the 10 days my legs had no swelling, I’d lost over 10 pounds in water weight & could walk much better. It lasted for a couple weeks and now my legs are back to the old swelling & pain. I know I can’t live on prednisone so I’m looking for an alternative. Would your product be a good possibility?

      • Melanie,

        Yes I beleive our products would help you out tremendously. The Serracor-NK and Serra RX80 work wonders for swelling, edema, and overall inflammation. You could probably get by with just taking the Serracor-NK but I would suggest both products for the firt month as I think it will get your problems under control faster.

        Biomedic Labs

      • I have a dog (11 lbs) that was diagnosed with an adrenal tumor 5 mos ago & was prescribed prednisone. She’s been doing great but now the vet doesn’t want her to take it anymore. Her only side effects are drinking alot & a huge appetite which is great since she had stopped eating altogether. How much of this would I give her instead of the prednisone? Thx!

      • Elizabeth,

        It’s really hard to say how much to give a 11 lb dog and you may just need to experiment. With that said the enzymes have no side effects and are virtually impossibe to overdose on. I would say maybe try 2 Serracor-NK and 2 Serra RX80 twice per day and see how she does. It will help her it’s just finding the right dosage is all.

        Biomedic Labs

    • Tracey, I saw your question at the Biomediclabs website and wondered if you had tried the products for your dog ? I have a friend who has a one year old Pembroke Welsh corgi that has immune mediated polyarthritis and the only thing that helps is prednisone. As soon as he is tapered down off it to an every other day dose he relapses terribly. I’m trying to help her find a natural alternative.

      • Joyce,

        We would definitely recommend trying enzyme therapy for the Polyarthritis that your dog suffers from. Let us know if we can help.

        Biomedic Labs

      • If you would “suggest” giving an 11 pound dog 2 Serracor-NK and 2 Serra RX80 twice a day what would you say for a 30 pound Pembroke Welsh Corgi ? Also, how effective might it be to only take the Serra RX80 ? Also if the dog is currently taking Prednisone there is of course absolutely no reason why these products can’t be taken while he’s tapered down off the Prednisone right ? What is the best explanation you can give me for why the nutrients in these products could combat the inflammation in this dog’s joints to the extent that he would not need Prednisone. His owner does not want her dog taking Prednisone for a long period of time, and the vet knows it’s bad for the dog, but for now, when he goes down to 10 mg’s every other day he immediately relapses. I have explained to her that Prednisone just suppresses symptoms and does nothing to correct the underlying problem and she understands that.

  7. I’m in my eighth month of chronic hives – possibly connected to hypothyroidism. Had the thyroid removed in January – still fighting the hives. I was put on prednisone in January, finally got away from it for three weeks – reallly bad flare up of hives and back on prednisone. Help!!!

    • Debbie,

      I would recommend the Serracor-NK and the Circumin for the hive flare ups. This is an allergic response possibly and the Serracor will help to ramp up your immune system which will help control future flare ups. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

      Biomedic Labs

  8. Hello – I have bad asthma. I have to periodically take 20 mg’s of prednisone to open up my breathing tubes. Usually about 5/day, then 4/day then 3/day for five days. My doctor rations the prednisone to me because of the harmful side effects of it, so there for I’m always in need of pred’s to continue opening up my air ways. Would this Turmeric have the same effects as Prednisone has? Please let me know as soon as possible and where I can purchase it. Thank you! Eric

    • Eric,

      It’s hard to say whether the Turmeric would have the same effects as Prednisone but it should help for sure. Prednisone is a very powerful drug hence the negative side effects associated with it. I would try the Serracor or the Serra RX80 also as they are very helpful for inflammation.

      Biomedic Labs

      • My husband has had asthma and 3 sinus surgeries. Because he has taken Prednisone over the past 20 years off and on, he developed Necrosis of his hip bones and had to have both of his hips replaced……… now he is trying Tumeric to see if it willl help his lungs, since he no longer wants to take Prednisone, he is trying Tumeric.

      • Barbara,

        I would actually recommend the Serracor N-K and Serra RX80 instead. These are great for inflammation and will also help lung support.

        Biomedic Labs


      • Darlene,

        I’m sorry to hear of your battles with Prednisone and the negative side effects associated with it. I hear this all the time and so wish doctors could look into alternatives for people instead of always prescribing this horrible drug. I would also recommend the Serracor-NK if you can as it has very strong anti-inflammatory properties as well. Best of health and please keep us posted. Thanks

        Biomedic Labs

  9. hi
    im 17 and i have severe cystic acne and i have been given Prednisone as one of the medications im on
    i understand the Prednisone is a powerful anit-inflammatory drug and can be very harmful if it is taken for a long time (More than 6months) I was wondering if natural anti-inflammatory foods has the same affect on the cystic acne ?
    and im doin weight traning and does that effect the cystic acne ? thank you :))

    • Nick,

      Sorry to hear about your acne problem. I had the exact same thing when I was your age and it seems tht I took everything imagineable. I finally took Accutane which worked wonders. I know there have been a lot of negative things said about it recently but in my opinion it’s being driven by money hungry attorneys. Accutane saved me from having a lot of scarring. I think it’s important to eat as healthy of a diet as possible so (yes) I beleive foods can help. Doing weight training will no effect your acne either. I would suggest looking into a product we sell called Serracor-NK. It’s a tremendous anti-inflammatory. Best of health!

      Biomedic Labs

  10. greetings, many thanks for this information, as i too have bouts of asthma and would prefer to take a natural alternative to the prednisone. what would you recommend ? would taking the turmeric capsules be beneficial as i noticed you mentioned the body does not absorb all the benefits. i am also concerned about gaining weight because of the prednisone.

    • Yes I think it would help you but I would also consider a product called Serracor-NK. We have found this is especially helpful with people who suffer from asthma. You will not have to worry about weight gain with either of these products.

      Biomedic Labs

  11. Hello,

    I have been using Imuran and Prednisone for the last 6 years. I have had lately prblems with my knees, osteonecrosis, side effect of the prednisone. I am trying to decrease the dosage, but as soon as I get close to 0 dosage, my legs get swollen and I begin having nodules in my legs ( similar to erithema nodosum, the veins get swollen, it is rather itchy then painful) Do you think I could switch to something less harmful then corticosteroids? thank you.

    • Attila,

      I completely understand the frustration of being on Prednisone as I hear it all the time. You aren’t supposed to stop taking it cold turkey so if you do so I would talk with your doctor about how to do it properly. I would suggest taking the Serracor-NK and Serra RX80 while you are on the prednisone and slowly ween yourself off the Prednisone with doctors help. I think you will see a tremendous difference in how you feel within a month or two.

      Biomedic Labs

  12. Hi. I have crohns disease, and have been on prednisone for about 5 years. I have gained an uncontrollable amount of weight in a short period of time, along with other minor things. I was wondering if you had any info on how this, or any of your products could help me. I am so tired of taking prednisone!

    • Ilana,

      Yes I beleive the Serracor-NK, and the Serra RX80 would work very well for Chrohns. Your body is essentially attacking itself because your immune system is over reacting. These products will either help to tone down the immune system or ramp up the immune system if needed. Either way they will be better than taking prednisone as you know there are a lot of side effects.

      Biomedic Labs

  13. I have red bumps and rashes on my face. It is not acne. The doctor said it was some form of rosacea. She prescribed prednisone and it cleared it all up in a matter of days……but low and behold a few weeks later it has all returned. Is there something else I can take to get this under control. I believe it is an inflammatory response.

    • SJ,

      I didn’t see your first post so what I had mentioned in my other response was spot on to what you are saying in this post. The part about the inflammatory response. We have another product that’s very good for that as well called Serra RX80.

      Biomedic Labs

    • SJ,

      We don’t typically deal with Rosacea so I’m not really sure. I beleive there is no known cause so that complicates things as well. The Serracor-NK will greatly help with circulation which may be beneficial for this condition. It’s also a phenomenal anti-inflammatory so it may help you.

      Biomedic Labs

  14. I have yet to be officially diagnosed…but from what my family doctor is seeing by a SED RATE test, I believe I have Polymyalgia Rhuematica. I know, most medical doctors’ treament of choice is Prednisone. I DO NOT want to take this! I have been told Polymyalgia Rhuematica is an auto immune disease that effects the connective tissue or lining that surrounds the joints. It causes major inflammation which is leading to severe muscle aches and weakness. I also believe there is no real cure for this,it simply has to run it’s course. Prednisone is used to redeuce inflammation
    therefore helping to eliminate the painful symptoms. My thought is if I can find something more natural that will reduce the inflammation, this makes more sense. I am also trying to be proactive and search out foods will help to reduce it as well as those that are know to cause it.
    Please let me know if you think one of your products will help me and also what side effects canI expect from your product.
    Thanks so much!

    • Bambi,

      I understand you not wanting to take the Prednisone as it is an awful drug with many side effects. We have two products which are phenomenal for addressing inflammatory issues. The first one I would recommend is Serracor N-K and the second one is Serra RX80. You should start noticing improvement within the first month or so or possibly even sooner than that.

      As far as foods go just try to stay away from saturated fats, red meat, and sugars which all contribute to more inflammation. I hope this helps you on your journey to getting well.

      Biomedic Labs

  15. I was prescribed prednisone for a few weeks to get inflammation from contact dermatitis under control which worked fabulously but now that I’m off of it, the inflammation is back. I’ve been using topical corticosteroids but they don’t work as well as the prednisone. What do you suggest for me?

    • Fallon,

      I would recommend the Serracor N-K and Serra RX80. These are not topical but I think you will see improvement very soon without side effects.

      Biomedic Labs

  16. Hi, I have ulcerative colitis and have to take prednisone when I have flare-ups. The side effects are depressing. Would you recommend Exclzyme 2AF as an alternative?
    Thanks for your time.

  17. I was diagnosed with fungal paronychia as a result of wearing gloves to soothe fingers subsequent to burning tips of 3rd and 4th fingers, right hand, back in September. I was given Bactroban to heal the cuts and Lamisil for the paronychia, as well as one week of Prednisone (20mg) starting 4 x day down to 1 x day by the end of week. Also told to avoid water, which I did. It all cleared up and came back with a vengeance one week later. The paronychia has spread to the other hand. It has not affected the nails of my hands, the area affected is on the fingers next to the nails. They now have pus. I live on an island without a doctor and my dermatologist is on another island. I do not want to use prednisone again because it did not do the job, since it came back. Neither the Lamisil or the Bactroban are healing my fingers. I am in pain and discomfort. Do you have any suggestions?

    • Marilyn,

      Yes…I would highly suggest the Serracor N-K and Serra RX80. These two products will help out tremendously with the inflammation and the healing process. The reason the bactroban is not working is because it won’t do anything for fungal conditions. I’m surprised a doctor prescribed that to you as they should know better. You probably should get on a systemic anti-fungal drug as well. You can also try taking large amounts of Allicin which comes from crushed garlic. Here is a link to our website. I hope this helps…

      Biomedic Labs

      • Thank you. The Bactroban was to put on cuts caused by burn on tips of two fingers, the Lamisil was for the fungal paronychia. The problem has been that the cuts have not healed and the paronychia spread to my other hand, so it got worse.

  18. Initially I went to a dermatologist. I think if I have to take a systemic anti-fungal drug for an extended length of time, as it appears from reading up on this that I will have to, I have to go to my physician, as well as take the alternative supplements which you have suggested.

    • Marilyn,

      I would definitely recommend seeing a physician for something like you have described. I think the anti-fungal drug would be a good thing. Let me know if you have any more questions.

      Biomedic Labs

      • Thank you. Yes, I am hoping to speak to my physician tomorrow. In the last couple of days, since initial post, it has spread to other fingers and everything hurts, I can’t take too much more. To make matters worse, we are off on holiday to London in less than 2 weeks’ time and my hands are a mess. My physician (and I) is reluctant to prescribe medication, I have a small frame and do not take well to medication and the thought of having to take them long term is horrifying. But it’s out of control. Will let you know and appreciate your concern.

  19. I hae been put on Prednisone to reduce the swelling in the vitrious of my eyes, While it does work among all the side-effects it was making me crazy, so I went off it at 5mg could not stand it anymore and not I face going blind without it, is there anything out there that will work@

    • Ayn,

      We don’t hve much exprerience with this condition so I’m not sure. The products Serracor and Serra RX80 are very good for inflammation though so you might start there.

      Biomedic Labs

  20. I have Pulmonary Hypertension. I take 20mgs of Prednizone daily. It was prescribed to combat an Auto Immune Response to my lungs. I’m on Oxygen 24/7. I have been told that I will have to come off the Prednizone. I have used it for 1 year. When i try to reduce the level, I can’t function at my very active pace. I play Golf, Travel, and try to live a normal life. I’m 68 years old.

    • Mickey,

      We deal with many people who suffer from this and many who were or are on Prednisone. I would suggest the Serracor-Nk, Serra RX80, and possibly Clear Lungs extra strength. These products should start helping within the first month or so.

      Biomedic Labs

  21. My Mom has been on prednisone for three years to treat Anaphylaxis. Each time she winds down to under 10 mg/day she has a reaction – swelling of her throat, amongst other areas, that nearly stops her breathing. She is now on 12.5mg/day and it seems to be the dosage that is low enough that she doesn’t have another reaction. However, it’s had profound side affects on her (fluid retention – she can barely lift her legs, thinning of the skin, the accumulation of body fat in the waist, bruising like we’ve never seen, confusion, headaches, blurred vision, depression. She was pre-diabetic and we haven’t been told the potential impact there). She feels prednisone is keeping alive while it’s killing her at the same time. Can you suggest an alternative?

    • Dear Worried about Mom,

      Unfortunately these are all very common symptoms of the awful drug Prednisone. I would suggest the Serracor-Nk and Serra RX80 but she will need to taper off the Prednisone with the help of her doctor. I am not recommending she get off of the Prednisone as I can’t legally do that but it sounds like she wants to. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

      Biomedic Labs

  22. I have severe RA and am trying a more natural route…as meds are making to many other health problems trying to find a good working replacement for steriods…any suggestions??

    • Tawana,

      I would definitely suggest the Serracor-NK and Serra RX80. These have both been very beneficial for people with RA. We deal with many people who suffer from this and they are a great alternative to Prednisone.

      Biomedic Labs

  23. My father is 76 and after a few years of getting pneumonia and broncitis each year finally diagnosed with COPD. Not sure which stage as doctors refuse to say which..He has been on atvair for 5 years. Keeps getting lung infections and major shortness of breath so the doc keeps giving him 10 day rounds of prednisone. He is now on it full time. Any suggestions?

    • Vicki,

      I would highly suggest having him take Serracor-NK and Serra RX80. We have used these products for years in helping people with lung conditions and breathing issues. You might even try the Clear Lungs Extra Strength as well. Let me know if you have any other quetions.

      Bioemdic Labs

  24. I recently have suffered from sudden hearing loss in one ear. My doctor (ENT) prescribed the Pred poison. After only 3 days I had to stop or I believe it would have killed me. SEVERE side effects. No improvement in my hearing and I need suggestions for a safe treatment.

  25. I have ulcerative colitis and was given prednisone a year ago went my flare up got bad really bad and i was hospitalized for two weeks. i finally began to have all the horrible side effects slowly leave after i tapered off in Feb, when a week ago my doctor put me back on 40mg/daily for quick relief. I really dont want to have to deal a whole year extra now suffering with the side effects, is there anything you can recommend?

  26. My friend suffers from post nasal drip and chronic sinusitis and severe inflammation for the past 4 years and has tryed everything besides surgery the only thing that has worked for him was predisone and for that 2 weeks its the happiest he has been but as it is not a long term treatment and once stopped predisone he continues to suffer with his severe conditions especially his coughing episodes where he coughs so hard his scared his lungs will colapse i really want to no is there somekind of alternitive drug or treatment he can use to give him the same effect as predisone as a long term treatment?? 

    • Christy,

      We recommend the Serracor, Serra RX80, and Clear Lungs for these conditions. I think they will help quite a bit but it will take a bit longer to work than prednisone.

      Biomedic Labs

  27. I have kidney transplant for 33years and I have been on prednison 5 mg. have hearth problems and like to participate in stem cell implant ,prednisone makes me not eligible . Any suggestions .

  28. hi. wondering if this might work with my crohns. currently on 30mg of prednisone, and cant seem to get off it. every time I get adrenal fatigue and my symptoms start to reappear. Any advise?

  29. My 14 year old daughter is undergoing tests for cold feet and hands, sparatic & extremely painfull loss of circulation in her legs and feet. They have said it is raynauds and which may also be fronting for something in her thyroid or rheumatoid arthritis. Her thyroid is swollen and hot to the touch, her neck is inlarged, her hands turn out slightly “palms up” upon examination, along with the main issue of circulation issue which with weather change keeps her home from school in pain. The first set of blood test showed nothing and the doctor hasn’t gotten any of the second set of tests back which include urine iodine. He however wants to start her on prednisone. Lets just say I am absolutely “freaking out”. I dont want her on this drug. What can we try before we go down this dangerous road?

    • Audrey,

      Sorry we are so late in responding to your query. I would do whatever you can to delay the prednisone as it is a nast drug. The product we sell called Serracor-NK is phenomenal for inflammation and circulatory problems. I would highly recommend that product for your daughter.

      Biomedic Labs

  30. Hi i sometimes get a irritable bowel and i get blood in my stools. i get aggitated and take prdnizone for a couple of weeks and it stops. I think i just have a bit of stress at times and it shows up that way. i also had a upper back injury and I have had pain for now 5 months. I noticed when I took the prednizone that my pain went away in my back too. I am thrilled, but now I have to get off this prednizone and I want to know if I can take something else to take away the pain in my back a on and also this bowel stuff that goes on sometimes. Can i take it on a regular basis for ever and is it safe to take always to maintain my health? Can you help me?

  31. I have been taking prednizone for approximately one year. 20 mg most of that time. ItI am taking it for BOOP Brocholistis Obilterans Organzied Pneumonia. It has also given me ostoperosis which I am now taking a daily shot for that. I would desperately like to get off prednizone but am not sure what the best thing is for me, If I go off it and take these other vitamins – tumeric etc I would worry it will come back in a vengence.

  32. I was recently in the the ER three times in one week because I wasn’t able to get in a full breath for hours. The doctor didn’t think I had asthma (or any clear-cut heart or lung problems that he could detect), but also didn’t think it was mere anxiety, so I was given a few days’ worth of prednisone and an inhaler. The prednisone has helped a little thus far (although days later I am still having at least one episode a day) and, as much as I desperately don’t want to stop taking it, I also don’t want to have to have to take it much longer due to the side-effects. Are there any natural alternatives to prednisone (or alternates which at least don’t have side-effects) that are even sort of effective?

    My problem doesn’t seem anywhere near as severe as many detailed on this forum, but I would like to be able to get full breaths consistently again. Not being able to breathe is scary. Thanks for any advice.

  33. Hi, i was diagnosed with RA 4 years ago, i briefly tried a prescribed drug but found after only a few weeks that this made me feel very unwell. I have since changed my diet dramatically, i am grain free, gluten free, dairy free, nightshade free, sugar free and consume very low fructose and no red meat. I eat a very healthy balanced diet and am studying naturopathy and nutrition to not only help myself but also others in the future. I take krill oil, glucosamine, turmeric, and a blend of ayurvedic herbs. The RA symptoms have lessened over time and i now have only one wrist and one knee affected. My knee can get very inflamed and painful, recently it got so bad that i succumbed to a very short course of steroids. Yes it took away all the pain and swelling for a few weeks and made me realize, even though i seem to have got some control over the symptoms, the pain and immobility i have been living with is effecting my life, my body and my state of mind in negative ways. I am determined to remove all symptoms from my life, regardless of what specialists and doctors say. Do you feel that any of your products will help me on my journey to excellent health?

  34. I have severe Crohn’s disease & prednisone is the only thing that seems to help relieve the pain. Is there anything you can suggest as I REALLY want to be able to get off this stuff ….thanks!!!

  35. Unity Titus November 30 2012
    i have been diagnosed with secondary measels and is in the early stages of emphesemia. i have a chronic post nasal drip and cough all the time. i have awful phlegm and experience nausea a lot. i have been taking predisone and needless to say i am suffering the consequences. Can you please advise and guide me with regards to an alternative for predisone. i also suffer from hypothyroidsm and hypertension.

    thank you kindly.

  36. I have wegeners disease, I have to take prednisone and imuran. So was wondering if there is something else I can take instead of prednisone.

  37. My wife 38yr old having autoimmune liver disease and being treated with azoran50mg and wysolone10mg for last 1yr . Is there any alternative for these medicines as these have serious side effects

  38. I am reading this with interest, the only thing that helps with cystic acne sadly has been 15-20 mg of prednisonedaily, but would love to avoid it. Which product and dosage could help with the inflammation of cystic acne and help with the scarring that remains? Thanks.

  39. Hello,

    I am a 56 yo male. At age 45 I was diagnosed with atopic eczema. Prior to this my skin was ‘perfect’. SInce this time I have been struggling with this “death by 1000 cuts” affliction. Apart from Prednisone, which cures the symptoms 110%, nothing else works or eases the dry skin and itchy skin symptoms.
    Do you have anything that you could recommend – I have no asthma or joint inflammation issues at all.

  40. Hi, what do you suggest for getting rid of nasal polyps? I have had the surgery a few years ago, don’t want to do that again, plus it aggrivates my asthma, & I have used inhalers for years now. Also have been on prednisone on & off for a few years, don’t want to take that anymore!!

      • Deb,

        So sorry for such a ridiculously late reply but we didn’t know there were all these posts on here until recently. So sorry…what are you wanting to use the products for?

        Biomedic Labs

  41. Hello, my grandfather is 82 and has suffered from dementia for the past 2 years progressively getting worse. He has a number of ailments, which have made it increasingly hard for him to recover… He smoked from a very young age until his 50’s and now he suffers from Emphysema. He had a double heart bypass about 4 years ago and since then he has been on the decline in his health. We thought he would get better but after that operation he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and now takes up to 3 insulin injections per day. All these additional ailments is making it very hard for us to take care of him at his nursing home. He takes prednisone for his Emphysema which we know has caused the Dementia but if he goes off it he cannot breath… Right now he struggles to walk most days and at night he is very lethargic and dazed. He is on a special diet for his diabetes to keep his blood sugar in balance, but i need help to try at least give him some sense of control over his dementia… is there anything we can try give him to get him off the Prednisone and also to help with his other ailments?

  42. I’m one of those unfortunate people with long term steroid use and subsequent dependence, I’ve had life threatening asthma and allergies since a young child, and although this is pretty much gone after seeing a holistic doctor, and relocating out of a major city – I am still stuck on prednisone. I’ve had cataracts removed, was diagnosed with Chushing Syndrome/adrenal insufficiency, and level 3 osteoporosis. A few years ago, I tested and discovered I am again making y own steroid, so stopping prednisone isn’t an immanent danger to life. What is a problem is that I feel much more in pain from back curvature and maybe bone loss too, if I skip it. I also tend to have poor coordination and trouble balancing for very short periods. My energy is next to nothing, and my mood is low too. I maintain on 10mg prednisone, but feel good on 20. On 30mg and above, I get manic and cannot sleep for 24hrs or more – still feeling like superwoman. What can I do to get off the drug and function well? Endocrinologists just say I have to quit, ther is no support for the symptoms except suffering until “spontaneous recovery” occurs – making enough cortisol to meet my needs. As there is no one taking care of me, this is unacceptible. Medicare does not pay for supplements. So it’s hard to self-treat. I want to be able to work again. I do take vitamin d3, 5000 units, and a green multivitamin drink powder. Other supplements as I think I need them, including C, E, and magnesium-potassium aspartate.

  43. And the doctors said it takes 6mos to a year to get off the prednisone. My holistic MD said this is impossible to withdraw from, due to how prednisone is synthetic, and I went to cortisol instead, and was off steroids for a while, but with the low energy and bone/muscle pain as noted. However, the chronic anxiety and bouts of incapacitating abdominal discomfort/nausea were gone. Catch 22! If I get a sinus infection, I have to spike the perdnisone to manage the asthma flare up – and the withdrawal process must be done again – taking a month or longer. I gave up. Hoping you have some tricks!

  44. I am on Prednisone 5mg x 4 per day (20 mg) per day for four days. Not sure what then and have to find an alternative afterwards. Don’t know what to take that is natural. Don’t think your product is sold in RSA, Western Cape? If so, please let me know the supplier’s contact details. Thank you.

  45. I was recently dx with Celiac Disease, however I’ve been on a gluten-free diet now for 4 months without any relief of my symptoms. My GI says that for 20% of Celiac patients, the change in diet is not enough to decrease the inflammation present; so he wants me to start on prednisone for one month. I started taking a turmeric supplement a week prior to seeing the GI, and I have noticed some relief. I am wondering if your product would be helpful for me and allow me to avoid taking the prednisone, even though it’s only for short term.


  46. Hello, I have autoimmune hemolytic anemia and i have been taking prednisone now for 2yrs and it is killing me! The doctors dont seem to have anything else to give me. Any suggestions? i am currently taking 4mg and trying to taper down. I went from 40mg down to now 4mg…

  47. I have a 3 year old son with Asthma. Jr has suffered w/asthma since infancy & has recently had 3 asthma attacks in the last 7 months. Each time we are prescribed prednisone. We hate it. Although it improves his breathing/asthma it turns him into a furious, raging, mean, always in a bad mood little kid. And he hates it too. He tells me himself that he doesn’t know why he is so mad. The treatment is always only a five day treatment, however the side effects last for approximately 2-3 weeks after the last dose.
    We’ve told the Dr we would prefer he weren’t on prednisone. Her only response is w/out it he won’t be able to breathe & doesn’t offer any alternatives.
    I’m afraid of any long term effects the prednisone might cause my child. Is there anything you have that is compatible to prednisone when it comes to asthma in children without the horrible side effects?

    • Martha,

      Unfortunately we do have a few products that I think would help but we have never recommended them for a 3 year old. How has he been doing as of late? So sorry for such a delay in answering your question but it was overlooked somehow.

      Biomedic Labs

  48. I was recently given an injection instead of prednisone for my RA. It is supposed to last about 3 months. I think the word starts with sol – what do you think the name of the injection med is?

  49. My boyfriend has COPD, he went to the hospital last may and they gave him prednisone for 10 days to help with his breathing, i helped a lot. He does obuterol breathing treatments 2-4 times a day but he is again having trouble breathing, it sounds like the same thing he had last year due to change in jobs and insurance he might not be able to see a doctor for 2-3 weeks. Is there anything he can take that will help?

    • Ruth,

      So sorry for the late reply but we had no idea there were all these posts on here so we are going through each one as fast as we can. We recommend the Serracor N-K, Serra RX80, Nacetyl RX, and CLear Lungs for this condition. He may not need all of these but I would definitely recommend the Serracor N-K and Serra RX80 for sure. There are no side effects either.

      Biomedic Labs

  50. Hi, for the last 7/8 years I have been diagnose with Takayasu’s arteritis. I have been on steriods from 60mg up and down and now finally im taking 7.5 mg, I am also on plavix, nexium, zantac, preiet, ostelin, caltrate. I have sore bones and gone up in weight my weight has gone up from 45kg to 95kg.Along side of depression and not being able to sleep and the weight gain. I am starting to look different. I want to be the same girl as I was before. I am now 32 years old. please let me know what i can do. wether this medicine will help me out. wheather this medication Exclzyme 2AF will help me.

    • Sherleen,

      I do beleive it would help you out but we cannot recommend taking our products in conjunction with Plavix. I really think you would benefit greatly based on what I have read regarding your condition. Are you on the Plavix permanently?

      Biomedic Labs

  51. I have been using prednison for two years, my old doctor put me on it to help with harsh joint pain . Iam no t happy with all the side effects they never told me about that could happen. Is there a lternative?

    thank you

    • Andy,

      I would recommend the Serracor N-K and Serra RX80. They won’t have as much of a dramatic effect as the Prednisone but thats why the side effects are so terrible. It works for one problem but can create many more.

      Biomedic Labs

  52. I have been tapering down from 60mg of prednisone over a month down to 20mg due to insane inflammation, pain, and swelling in my knees caused by some autoimmune disease the docs cant figure out, these prednisone side effects are the worst esp. the weight redistribution and gain. Around the same time the swelling started i got a PE so now im on long term coumadin for tht as well. Im desperate to get off the prednisone and now im at 20mg a day and my symptoms are coming back so it looks like they may have to increase the dosage, anything that will help with this?

    • Luke,

      Sorry for the extremely late reply but we did not realize all of the posts on this topic until recently. I would recommend the Serracor-Nk and Serra RX80 for your condition. It isn’t going to be as dramatic as the Prednisone but it certainly should help without any of the side effects.

      Biomedic Labs

  53. I have been taking predizone for over 5 years every 3 months for 6 weeks at a time. I am being treated for a skin condition called granuloma anngulare. The condition is very painfull and extremely inflamatory. I was wondering if there are any nautral alternatives that would perhaps work the same as the predizone. I have used tumeric in between the predizone to help keep the condition stay less inflamatory. It does help a lot and allows me to be able to get some sleep. Please keep if you can. Thank You.

    • Judy,

      I looked up this condition and there doesn’t seem to be much information on what causes it. I did see they may link it to an auto-immune condition in which I think our product Serracor-NK would help.

      Biomedic Labs

  54. I suffer from bullous phemphigoid and presently taking predisone 10mg daily.i want to get off this medication.Will your product help me to get off this medication ? Thank you,Terry

    • Terry,

      I can honestly say we have never dealt with anyone that has this condition but a few of our product are very good for auto-immune conditions. I would start with Serracor-NK and see if that helps first. It works by balancing the immune system so your body isn’t fighting itself so much. Let me know if we can answer any other questions you may have.

      Biomedic Labs

  55. Hi, I have chronic urticaria and angioedema. I react to all kinds of foods and take anti-histamine and prednisone to reduce the swelling in my face and hives on my body. I really want to come off the prednisone because of the side effects. I find that when I take turmeric this really helps generally. Would Exclyzme be a good everyday supplement I could take instead of the prescription drugs and turmeric? The list of ingredients looks very similar to a cocktail of pills I was taking before I was diagnosed and was prescribed the prednisone. Thanks for your help!

  56. I had lung cancer and went thru all the treatments and seem to be cured of this problem, but my oncologist put me on Prednisone, oh I am also a diabetic which Prednisone makes my sugar goes sky high and after close to a year now he had me doing the coming down from the drug until I am no longer on it, but now I am having lots of problems with breathing I cannot walk 20 feet until I have to stop and get my breath I am also pretty sure when I go back to my doctor he will put me back on Pred. is there anything I can take for my breathing problem and not raise my sugar levels so high that I am on two types of insulin (1) long term and the other on a sliding scale before every meal? Please help I am 76 years old and take blood pressure, meds, diabetic meds, water pills, breathing capsules and a breathing machine when needed. Any information would be appreciated.

    • Charles,

      Based on everything you have described you have right now I would highly recommend trying our product Serracor-NK. It’s phenomenal for high blood pressure, as well as breathing problems associated with scarring of the lungs. Have yyou been diagnosed with any type of lung condition?

      Biomedic Labs

  57. Hi, I’m looking for an alternative to prednisone, which I’m taking to treat skin inflammation / allergies. What would you recommend?

  58. Hi. I’ve been having an issue with some sort of inflammatory condition causing crippling pain & stiffness in my hamstrings, hips, groin, buttocks, lower back, shoulders, biceps and neck. At its average, I have to roll out of bed onto my knees and struggle to get to my feet. At its worst, I need help for just about any movement. A trip to the ER when a short term steroid course ran out required two people to get me out of the truck and into a wheelchair. I am well controlled and have full strength & function on prednisone/methylprednisolone, but **only** steroids control it. It just laughs at NSAIDS and narcotics (Vicoden anyway). The NSAIDS do also break a low grade fever that seems to come and go.

    My rheumatologist thinks it is some sort of infection causing the inflammation but a typical virus he says causes this sort of thing was negative as were all the other panels/factors (rheumatoid, Lupus, etc.). Although this particular virus test came back negative, he still is leaning this way stating that you cant realistically check for every virus; reasonable I suppose. The only thing shown clinically is elevated SED rate (= general inflammation indicator), slightly elevated white blood cells, low end of normal range B12 and low Iron levels. Being a guy, I don’t know important the iron level is.

    It typically flares overnight while I sleep, so mornings are no fun without the prednisone. I see him again in a couple weeks and he wants to see me in full bloom off the meds so I’ll be timing a taper with that appt. I understand him wanting/needing to see it, but I’m not looking forward to it at all!

    Does this sound like something that the Serracor-NK or RX80 products could be helpful for or perhaps the Excylzyme-AF (found on a discussion on an alternative to Prednisone)? Any input would be appreciated.


    • Steve,

      I think the Serracor-NK would help a lot with your issues. I can’t obviously tell you what you might have going on but the Serracor-NK is phenomenal for inflammation and I would suspect that is where all of your issues are stemming from although it can’t be narrowed down. Feel free to call us at 888-298-7363. You can ask for Brad.

      Biomedic Labs

    • Steve,
      I had the same problems. Woke up one morning and couldn’t get out of bed. Hit me hard and fast. Started in my inner thighs and groin area, then went to my hips and then soon into my shoulders. I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease called Polymyalgia Rheumatica. My Rheumatologist wanted me to start the prednisone, but I fought it. I opted for the high doses of ibuprofen for about 4 weeks. My legs and knees swelled so bad I could hardly walk. After about a month, it wasn’t helping much, so I went back to the doctor and said OK I give. I have been on Prednisone now for 9 months. It works, but I hate it. Even though I am on a low dose (15 mg) I have still gained 12 lbs. and have problems sleeping. But without it I can’t function. I do know that the more I am mobile the better it is. If I have to sit at my desk for more than 30 minutes, I have problems getting moving. So excerise and take breaks often to keep mucsles from tightening up. Good Luck.

      • Bambi,

        I would really encourage you to try Serracor-NK for your Polymyalgia. We have dealt with many people who were able to get off of the Prednisone all together. Let me us know if you have any questions.

        Biomedic Labs

  59. I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia about a year ago. I am a painter and this is very difficult to work with. The only thing that helps me not hurt is prednisone. Will your product take the place of it and help me be able to move? Does it make you gain weight like prednisone?

    • Linda,

      Our product Serracor-NK would help you with the Fibromyalgia issue. It may take some time to see good results but you will. I can’t say it is a replacement though as it’s not but it doesn’t have any negative side effects and certainly won’t make you gain any weight.

      Biomedic Labs

  60. My brother had a valve replacement (mechanical) almost 6 years ago. He has been an asthmatic all his life. He was doing great up to two years after the heart surgery. He also had an aortic aneurysm (2) and they removed one during the surgery. The other they continue to watch. Two years ago he had two severe asthma attacks (from perfume and aerosal deodorant) which put him in the hospital. He is taking IV strength prednizone and has gained a tremendous amount of weight. His lung capacity is about 30% and his heart is working under 50%. They have advised hime to wrap up his final wishes, sign a DNR, and make funeral arrangements. He is in his 40’s. I am desperate to find any help possible. The doctors at Shands have given up on him. He is on oxygen 24 hours of the day and has severe sleep apnea and is on a machine. He can barely walk five steps. It is killing me watching him slowly die. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    • Mandy,

      I would suggest high doses of the Serracor-NK asap. This may help his heart condition and improve his ability to breathe as well. I’m assuming he is on oxygen as well?

      Biomedic Labs

  61. I have had 2 sinus surgeries in the past and although I lo longer get infections, I have terrible pressure in my ears, like I cant get them to pop and a lot of fatigue, and my sinuses feel raw. although I take a lot of medications the only time I feel normal is when im on prednisone, which I have taken not for a long period of time but a few times a year. I feel best when I am on it, I feel normal. Which supplement mimicks predinose more closley? The Serracor-NK or Serra RX80?

    • I would probabaly suggest trying the Serra RX80 in high doses of say maybe 6 per day or more as needed. This product works really well for sinusitis and other sinus conditions.

      Biomedic Labs

  62. My boyfriend suffers from myasthenia Gravis, an autoimmune disease that weakens muscles and causes double vision. He has been taking a drug called mestinon which is not working for him. The myasthenia Gravis foundation websites indicate that prednisone is the next logical course of treatment but the side effect are less than desirable. He has a very social lifestyle and a major physical about four years ago indicated he was at risk of fatty liver disease.
    What products do you recommend that he try?

    • Jill,

      I would highly recommend the Serracor-NK and the Serra RX80 for both issues you have mentioned. These products work great for inflammation, immune function, and would be beneficial for the liver as well.

      Biomedic Labs

  63. I have been diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. Although my episodes of the disease are far and few, when I do have them, they manifest by throwing my body into horrible, painful bouts of arthritis and pain. They only drug that relieves the pain and other manifestation and returns my body to normal is prednisone. But, I know that prednisone is not a drug to be on long term. Is there a natural alternative available please?

    • Chris,

      I woudl highly recommend the Serracor-NK for your condition. It works very well for pain and inflammation and should also help with your colitis. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

      Biomedic Labs

      • Thank you for your reply and recommendation. Will this help with moodiness, insomnia and general fatigue as well? They are all manifestations of my colitis episodes.


    • Carlos,

      I would recommend the Serracor N-K and Serra RX80 as they are very good for inflammation. I can’t say it will be quite as effective but you won’t have any of the bad side effects.

      Biomedic Labs

    • Hi,just wondering how much Tumeric do you take for inflammation? I have taken prednisonein the past for inflammation, don’t want to go that route again. Is it good for arthritis too? I have trouble with my right hip & leg, & it’s painful to walk, & sleepat night without waking up.I need for relief soon. thanksdeb

      Date: Tue, 21 May 2013 19:34:11 +0000 To:

      • Deb,

        I would recommend starting with 400 Mg. and see how you do. I would also recommend the Serracor N-K which is tremendous for pain and inflammation.

        Biomedic Labs

  65. Hi there,
    Both my kids are on Prednisolone for chronic, severe eczema. I give them good multi vitamins, cod liver oil, colostrum and capetluc acid for candida. We have also started Quercetin and Biotin and Pantathenic acid. They are both very allergic to dust mite, cockroach, and somewhat to dogs and cats, as well as many foods (33 we know of). We are on low dose (2.5-5mg) of the Prednisolone now, but as soon as we reduce further or stop the eczema flares badly. We use Benadryl every evening when the itch returns no matter what, and ice packs help my son at bedtime. We apply coconut oil topically, since all the creams were either useless or harmful or both. What can you suggest please?

    • Hi Cheerful,

      So sorry to hear about the issues you are having with your children. I can’t imagine how difficult it must be to deal with. I wish I could give you some great or good advice for that matter but we don’t really have a whole lot of experience with eczema. It’s obviously an inflammatory condition of which our enzyme produts are very good for so it may help to some degree. What are their ages? We don’t usually recommend the products for children as we have never done any testing etc but they certainly can’t be worse than Prednisone. Let me know your thoughts?

      Biomedic Labs

      • Thanks for the quick reply, Biomediclabs.

        My kids are almost 6 and 8.
        By the way, my original post should say “caprylic acid for candida” but my iPhone did some weird spelling on it.

        Very much hoping you can help us. We understand from research that ADHD/eczema/asthma/autism are all related and often suffer the same inflammatory GI tract issues, so we are thinking that resolving that will help in some way….

      • We are open to slowly trialling small doses of your product to test how they respond. I understand it is intended for adult use, but we will run it by our doctor first and see what he thinks. Given this, which product/s would be most suited?

  66. Hi I have ulcerative colitis and am looking for an alternative to prednisolone, could u please recommend or any info would be much appreciated. Thanks David

    • David,

      At this point we recommend the Serracor N-K and the Serra RX 80 as an alternative. They work very well for reducing pain and inflammation.

      Biomedic Labs

  67. I sustained a concussion 2 years ago, went thru all therapy and rehab. however, over the course of a year, i’ve been having constant headaches on my forehead. (never had them before head trauma) My eyes have a ton of pressure behind them. Had CT scans for sinuses – everything looked good. I take an advil PM at night to help sleep. The only time i dont have a headache is when i’m on prednisone. I love the stuff simply because i can feel normal again. I noticed though, when i dont have a headache, i can blow my nose and feel like the whole world just came out, and i feel clear minded and well. unfortunately this only happens every blue moon : / ive taken allergy shots, been on singulair, nothing seems to work. i was hoping that may be one of your products can help? can i have chronic inflammation in my head from the accident?

    • Adam,

      It sounds like sinusitis or a sinus infection to me. It could be that the bacteria is too deep to where the ct scan can’t even pick it up. I’m no expert on sinuses but you obviously have something going on their whether scans are picking it up or not. I would recommend trying the Serra RX80 in fairly high doses as this definitely helps sinus sufferers. It may not work as well as the Prednisone but there are no side effects either. I have dealt with sinus issues off and on as well but don’t think I ever want to go the prednisone route because of the symptoms. Let us know if you have any other questions.

      Biomedic Labs

  68. I am currently being seen (no root diagnosis yet-jus pleurisy) by a reumatoligist; for chronic pain n ches. In which i am taking 40mg prednisone daily. Its been almost a month. Its not helping & the wt gain is horrible. Im almost done w/this 30 day supply. When im done i will b asking the dr to remove/taper me off this mess asap. Do you know if eating the tumeric root & or getting any of your natural product will help?

    • Tbird,

      I would highly recommend trying the Serracor-NK and Serra RX80 together. These are very potent anti-inflammatory products without the negative side effects of prednisone. I never hear anything positive about this drug and it’s a wonder they can legally prescribe it.

      Biomedic Labs

  69. I a m looking for an alternative medicine to replace my Prednisone. I take 5mg daily and have the beginning stage of osteoporosis. I take the medicine along with Fosamax due to me having Lupus. PLease help1

    • Pam,

      I would suggest taking the Serracor-NK as an anti-inflammatory. It’s also very good to use as a auto-immune suppresor so it would helpo with the Lupus as well.

      Biomedic Labs

  70. I have a stepson with pulmonary fibrosis and also has cancer of the lungs. Which of the supplements would you recommend? After reading this site, Serra RX80 along with Serracor-NK seems to be the best for inflammation (which the doctors recommended prednisone for and my stepson refused the script). Are these products available in most herbal stores?

    • Jeanne,

      I would definitely recommend the Srracor-NK and Serra RX80 for his conditions. I would also recommend 15 or so per day of each based on the fact that he is dealing with 2 conditions. You can order directly from us at or you can call us at 888-298-7363. Please let us know if you have any other questions.

      Biomedic Labs

  71. I have just been diagnosed with ABPA and my doctor would like to start me on prednisone and an anti inflammatory drug (vorace?? something or other). I am going on holiday for a few months so we have agreed to not start any treatment at moment and to see what happens in the next few months. I have been looking up alternatives and have just come across your site. I am very reluctant to take anything, especially at moment as it isn’t a big problem. It was partially discovered on my CT scan when I was being treated for Breast Cancer and I have a had a cough since I quit smoking, over a year ago and that was the reason for the investigation in the first place. I would love to be able to try and alternative in the meantime to see what the results will be in a few months time when they look at things again. Do you have any suggestions on what would work? Apparently I need a cordisone and anti fungal for this disorder I have? I would appreciate any information you could give me.

      • I tired to phone but you were unavailable. Please could you tell me a good time to call. I am calling from the UK so a time difference there. Not sure where you are actually located so hard to know what the time difference is. I will be in USA next week so perhaps that would be easier to get a hold of you? I would like to speak to you regarding the above as soon as possible.

  72. Hi, I am 40+ I was diagnosed with Thoracic Outlet Syndrome(extreme nerve pain and dysfunction of left side) over 10 years ago. More recently after having surgery to fix a couple broken fingers, they tell me I have CRPS/RDS(evidenced by pain, swelling, stiffness, skin discoloration, with significant calcium loss evident on xrays.) The pain is beginning to spread to other hand and feet. My fingers are structurally healed, but do not bend or straighten properly even after months of physical therapy. They prescribed a Medrol pack and that offered some relief from the pain and improvement of function that lasted a few days, but I do not want to continue taking it. Now the dr wants me to take some cousin of Lyrica and I’m not liking the effects of this drug either. Do you know of any that might help with this?

    • Larrai,

      The only 2 things I would recommend are the Serracor N-K and the Serra RX80. These two products help out tremendously with pain and inflammation. I can’t say it will cure you obviously but you should notice decreasing pain and inflammation without all of the negative side effects from prescription drugs.

      Biomedic Labs

  73. Hi-
    I am suffering with a root canal gone bad. My endodontist informed me I am experiencing a flare up and prescribed prednisone in the form of a Medrol dose pack, which of course I do not wish to take. I’m currently supplementing with fish oil, colloidal silver, and turmeric (not enteric coated though). I would appreciate your suggestion on what might help my situation. Thank you.

    • Christine,

      I would recommend Serra RX80 and Serracor N-K if you can do so for the flare up and inflammation. I don’t think you would to take the other products if you were to use both of these. They are phenomenal for inflammation.

      Biomedic Labs

  74. Hiya Biomedic, I’ve had surgery to remove nasal polyps three times but they keep coming back. The only thing that keeps them in check is Prednisolone but my G P will not put me on them long term. What can you suggest please and is it available in the UK. Thanks, Pete.

      • Hi, I am trying the Turmeric for an alternative to Prednisone, as I too have nasal polyps. can you get the Serrarx80 in Canada? I am taking just 1 cap a day of the tumeric, don’t notice any change yet?

  75. I was stung by a bee six days ago. At first, the response was normal. For almost two days after, there were no problems. But all of a sudden, the area where I was stung (middle toe and surrounding toes and part of my foot) turned red, became uncontrollably itchy and swollen. I went to the doctor and– you guessed it– she prescribed Predisone, 20mg a day for three days. I haven’t taken it. But with Benadryl, heat, ice, hydrocortisone and calamine, I only get temporary relief, if any. Would your product help me?

    • Elektra,

      Wow what shocker…the old prednisone. I’m convinced doctors want to put everyone on it eventually. I think you should try the Serra RX80 which is really good for inflammation. If that doesn’t help then possibly try the Serracor N-K. The Serra RX80 is the cheaper of the two is all but still very effective for inflammation.

      Biomedic Labs

  76. Hello, I’m very interested in all 3 of these products – how can I get them in Canada?
    Thanks, Masi

  77. Hi,
    I have been diagnosed with lupus and rheumatoid arthritis since 2009 and I am 38yrs old. I am on 20mg of prednisone a day. The steroids have made me gain twice my weight and it’s hard to walk (my bones are so weak). Would your products be something I could try to help me?

    • Michelle,

      Yes the Serracor N-K is a very good product for RA sufferers. I also know of a product we don’t carry yet but should be available next week that is phenomenal for helping generate new bone mass.

      Biomedic Labs

  78. How fast will we experience smell improvement due to polyps/sinuses, when we use this Tumeric or Serracor or Serra product?? Will it work as fast as Prednisone? How long will it take to have results?

    • Suzanne,

      I’m not sure as we haven’t ever had any experience with polyps etc. I do know the Serracor N-K is very good for Sinusitis so it may help you as well. It won’t work as fast as Prednisone but in the long run it will be much better for you. If it’s going to help you I think you would notice within the first month or so.

      Biomedic Labs

    • Hi, can you purchase it in Canada at any of the health food stores? How much tumeric do you have to take to help shrink the polyps, & I also have arthritis in by lower back & hip………..

  79. Question:I suffer from excema on my face, I recently was sick and was prescribed prednisone and it cleared up my face instantly. Do you have any product that would help with this skin condition?

    • Roxanne,

      It’s hard to say really but I think the Serracor N-K would be of benefit to you. It may take a bit longer to work but I think it would help out a lot.

      Biomedic Labs

  80. Hi! Sorry if you have to repeat the answer, but I couldn’t read all the posts.
    I have Wegener’s granulomatosis (an autoimmune disease) and i’m on methilprednisolon 12mg/day. I’m on corticotherapy since january this year. I’ve been also on pulse tehrapy with CYC and Methilprednisolone. (at least 10 pulses) and not yet in remission… I also have iatrogenic Cushing… not pleasant. So… I’ll take Prednisone + Serracor NK, with decreasing doses of pred, and then (i hope) only Serracor. But the question is : how long will the treatment (with Serracor) take?
    Thank you! Alexandra

    • Alexandra,

      I think you should start to see results with the Serracor within 1-3 months but it’s hard to say. That is the normal time frame but I would most definitely guarantee you will see results.

      Biomedic Labs

  81. Hi,

    I have been diagnosed with severe pulmonary hypertension and the the possibility of pulmonary veno occlusive disease. I have had pretty severe lung pain (pain when I breath in all areas of the lung) for the past 5 years and am now taking medrol (started on 48mg and am now on 6 mg), cellcept (2500mg/day) sildenafil (20 mg) bosentan (300 mg a day) and I just stopped taking furosemide for water retention. I’m searching for all sorts of alternative ways to decrease the inflammation in my body since that seems to be the cause of all of this. I would love to be able to lower and eventually eliminate the medrol and of course ay other med I can replace with a more natural substance. Would love any suggestions you may have.

    Thank you!

    • Chloe,

      I would highly suggest the Serracor-NK as its wonderful for inflammation. This product is all very good for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, scar tissue and as I said inflammation. You would probably start to see results in the first month and they would improve each month from then on.

      Biomedic Labs

  82. Hello, I am interested to find out if any of your products might be helpful to my situation. I have had 3 miscarriages and suffer from uncomfortable joint and muscle pains.I have been tested for autoimmune problems and the tests are negative.My gynaecologist would like me to be tested for Natural Killer Cells and if they are elevated she will put me on steroids(Probably Prednisone)
    I was just wondering if you had a product I could try that might help.
    Thank you

    • Tami,

      I would recommend the Serracor N-K for your condition. It works very well for autoimmune conditions and inflammation. It won’t work as quickly as prednisone but will be better over the long term.

      Biomedic Labs

      • Tami,

        Yes we ship to the UK about every other day. I’m sorry but they aren’t available in the UK to purchase so you would have to order directly from us.

        Biomedic Labs

  83. Hi, my immune system is preventing me from having a successful pregnancy. I’ve lost 3 babies so far, in the 2nd trimester, week 17. I went to 2 immunology tests, now that I am pregnant again in week 11 and got tested for all kinds of syndromes and all they found were these elevated levels of CD3+, CD4+ cells.
    cd+3 83
    abs cd+3 2,24
    cd3+ cd4+ 61
    abs cd4+ 1,64
    cd3+ cd8+ 20
    abs cd8+ 0.54
    cd+4/cd8+ 3,05
    My second test after 3 weeks showed even more elevated values, all outside the normal range.
    The 2 immunologists said there is nothing they can do for me, but I read on many websites that elevated CD3+ CD4+ levels mean I have an overactive immune response to pregnancy. On some IFV forums I found that the only treatment is IgG IV or Prednisolone. If my doctor fails to prescribe me this drug, do you think I could use tumeric instead? If so, how much is too much or too little?
    Thank you in advance for your reply. I still have some hope left.

    • Daciana,

      I would actually recommend the SErracor N-K instead of the Turmeric as we have found it to be even more effective as of late for auto-immune conditions. You would probably start to notice changes within the first 1-3 months without side effects.

      Biomedic Labs

  84. I’ve been on Prednisolone (Panafcortelone) for hair loss. My hair started to grow again, but I stopped the medication because of its effects of weight gain and moon face. I’m now taking Biotin and B Vitamins plus the oils (Epa/dha, Borage Oil, Flaxeed Oil, Castor Oil, etc). What can you suggest that can help hair growth in addition to these vitamins? Gradual hair loss along the years. Thank you.

    • Rose,

      I would recommend a new product we added a couple months ago called SeroVital. Its wonderful for hair, skin, nails, energy, and is considered an anti aging product. It really works great! Here is a link to it

      Biomedic Labs

  85. I am 78 years old, and am very allergic to Steroids, and have just been diagnosed with Lupus. Is there an alternative to a Steroid. I have HB which is under control. Please help me. Am making an appt. with a Holositc Dr. soon.

    Joan Carol

    • Joan,

      Yes we sell a product called Serracor N-K that is very effective for Auto-Immune conditions. It usually takes a bit longer to work than Prednisone but without all the side effects.

      Biomedic Labs

  86. I have been dislagnosed with ms and have a history of chronic Lyme disease. Doc wants to put me on tecifdera for ms..was on betaseron..also having a a severe exacerbation of supposed Ms. Doc wants to do either iv steroids or acthar..not a fan of either..also have bacterial vaginosis which is being treated . So steroid company said I cant take because of vag infection? What product do u recommend for my ms and to replace the steroids. ..pls comment asap

    • Joanna,

      I would recommend the Serracor N-K for the MS as I think it would help you immensely within a couple of months. I would recommend three capsules 3x per day though to start on an empty stomach.

      Biomedic Labs

  87. I have a 19 year old dog that takes prednisone for her emphysema and it seems the side effects are giving her more problems than it helps. She weighs about 13 pounds, is there a natural suggestion that would help?

  88. I have cidp dr wants to put me on predazone scared to try it what do you suggest. need an answer asap. family is pressuring me to take the drug.

  89. Hello, my fiance is dealing with crohns disease and she’s on Prednisone and it seems when she tapers off of it down to zero mg she has super crazy stomach pains that builds up in a three day period strong enough to send her to the hospital for relief then they just put her back on Prednisone and say follow up with your doctor, then he tells her to continue prednisone and he wants to start her on Remicade infusion, heck no I ain’t dealing with that, she’s just going to get worse, this has been going on for awhile, will any of your products work for her, to one day be prescriptions free, thanks for your time…

    • Harold,

      I’m sorry to hear about the troubles your fiancé is having taking Prednisone but she’s not alone at least. This is very common for many people which is unfortunate. I think the Serracor N-K would be the best option for your wife but lets address the other problem first. May I ask how quickly she is tapering off the Prednisone? It is a nasty drug to taper off from especially if not done properly so that’s why I’m asking.

      Biomedic Labs

      • Hello thanks for your response, but she taper off in a months period, starting at 40mg for a week ending at 10mg for a week then off, once she’s off the aches start coming then within 3 days of being off the pain hits hard then she wants to go to hospital for relief then back on Prednisone 40mg so the gastro wants to put her on remicade or humira which I totally disagree and it’s just going to make her overall situation worse down the line.. thank you again

  90. I tried tumeric as an anti inflammatory for my interstitial cystitis. Unfortunately. It bothered my stomach. It increased my gastritis symptoms. I am currently on Prilosec and cannot take Motrin, etc. does your product have an enteric coating or anything that helps protect the stomach lining. Thx!

  91. Hello. I have seem to have a recurrence of Graves’ Disease involving swelling of eye muscles. Prednisone pak right away, but now want to do prednisone by IV for 3 weeks! Doctors like 15-minute oil change places! I think this auto-immune disease was result of prednisone for acne long term many years ago when they handed it out like candy for everything. Seems like they still do. Shall I call you to figure out how much of which supplement to get on right away?

    • Monica,

      I understand not wanting to take the Prednisone as it’s full of side effects. Trust me they are still handing it out like candy if not more so. I would recommend the Serracor N-K to start and if that doesn’t help then add the Serra RX80 to it as well.

      Biomedic Labs

  92. Im writing for my husband who has a chronic sinus problem. He has swollen sinus passages, nasal discharge, post nasal drip, constant throat clearing,nasal congestion, sneezing,reduced ability to smell and taste and has been diagnosed with nasal polyps. His doctor will only give him prednisone every three months which reduces all of his symptoms and restores his smell and taste. He has been to a specialist who is recommending surgery for the polyps. A couple of weeks after the prednisone clears the condition, it starts to come back until the next prednisone treatment.

    • Maria,

      I would recommend trying the Serracor N-K and the Serra RX80 together. I think you should see some positive changes within the first month without any side effects.

      Biomedic Labs

  93. My 6 year old bulldog suffers from terrible allergies and the only thing that seems to help is Prednisone. I’ve tried different foods, allergy shots, Benadryl, Melatonin, coconut oil, pretty much everything under the sun. What I don’t like about the Prednisone are the long term effects of usage. Do you think one of your products would be a good alternative? If so, which one and what would the recommended dosage be? He is between 50-55 pounds. I am desperate to find something, he is so uncomfortable.

    Thank you,

    • Tracy,

      I would try the Serra RX80 as it’s very good for allergies and the immune system. I would probably start with 2 caps 2x per day and see how he does. I do think it would be helpful.

      Biomedic Labs

  94. I have just had a case of chronic hives caused by something I ate says the ED DR. He prescribed prednisone for 5 days and benadryl . I am just coming off of a three month battle with flu and bronchitis. Still have cough. ONE DR. SEEMS TO THING IT WAS FROM THAT. OTHER THINKS ITS FLU. Don’t want to take that drug. Will 5 days hurt or should I try your remedy. OH BY THE WAY I ALSO HAVE A SUPPRESSED IMMUNE SYSTEM from working nights for many years. thank you. JoAnn

  95. My 14 year old son has been having a lot of allergy an asthma flair ups since October and has had 2 rounds of steroids and several antibiotics. I want to get him off all the meds. I feel that he is probably full of yeast. Any suggestions on what to do would be appreciated.

    Thank you

    • Kim,

      I would highly suggest the Serracor N-K and Floracor. The first one will help with the allergy and asthma flareups while the other will help replace good bacteria while helping to eliminate the yeast also.

      Biomedic Labs

  96. I could not read through all the comments so this may have been answered. I was given methylprednisone for sinus and feel normal. I have fibromyalgia and Meniere’s disease and it helped with both of them. I have som much more energy and focus. I cant stay on it though so I need to find something comprable. What can you reccommend?

    • Tammy,

      I would highly recommend trying the Serracor N-K for both conditions. This products is phenomenal for Fibromyalgia and should help with the Menieres as well.

      Biomedic Labs

  97. I went to the ER when I realized that the hives-type of rash I had had gotten worse and my neck felt very tight plus I had some asthma and had run out of my albuterol inhaler. Turns out I had a severe allergic reaction to most likely either the hay of my pet house rabbit or just my rabbit or both, plus any other allergens in the air. I have allergy-induced asthma and had a serious attack a month after getting my pet rabbit! Replaced the timothy hay with orchard grass and was only marginally better but not by much. Even though I no longer feed or clean out her litter box I still am exposed to it somewhat. The ER doctor prescribed Prednisone for me to take for 5 days and it did help a lot but after the five days the rash started to come back and is almost back to where it was before. I may also have thyroid problems that could be Hashimoto’s but am needing to run several tests first to make certain. Anyways, I really need an excellent alternative to the Prednisone to help with this rash as well as with my asthma. Thank you!

    • Amy,

      Sorry to hear about all the allergy issues you are experiencing. I am also very allergic to hay, especially alfalfa. Uggghh, I don’t even like looking at it so I feel your pain. I would definitely recommend the Serracor N-K as it’s very good for the immune system as well as inflammation. It may not be as dramatic as the Prednisone but over time it should help quite a bit without any side effects.

      Biomedic Labs

  98. HI,
    I apologize if this has already been addressed (long list to try to go through)
    I have quite severe RA and MS. Any contraindication that you know of in using your products for the RA in regards to MS? My experience has been if it helps one the other gets worse.
    Also should i hope for any reduction in the very unsightly RA nodules i have?
    That would be a miracle.
    Also any adjunct therapies/diet you can suggest from your experience much appreciated.

    • Chana,

      There is no contra indication whatsoever and I haven’t ever heard of someone getting worse from using our products for either condition. I can’t say it will help with the nodules but there is certainly a good chance. There are no side effects in using our products for anything unlike the prednisone. I’m not really aware of any particular diets for RA unfortunately.

      Biomedic Labs

  99. Could you please phone me? I’m sending this from NZ and am desperate I’m taking 60!mg prednisone daily and want off it! I have tackayasus artiritus..I’ve beeon predicted for 6weeks and it’s number is 0226200853 I’m not sure of the country code where you are but. In Christchurch NZ.thanks.jan

    • Mary,

      Sorry I just saw your post. My greatest apologies for being so late. I have no problem phoning you but I believe it’s very early morning hours there and don’t want to wake you. My direct number is 602-316-9299 and our country code is 011.

      Biomedic Labs

  100. I have a 5 year old French bulldog that was diagnosed with Granulomatous meningoencephalomyelitis (GME) when he was 9 months old. He has been taking prednisone and prednisolone for over 4 years. If we try to decrease his dose less than 5mg once daily he relapses. What would you suggest that we try so that we can attempt to lower his pred dose?
    Thanks so much
    Heather & Louie

    • Heather and Louie,

      I would suggest giving him 2-3 capsules a day of the Serracor and maybe 1-2 capsules per day of the Serra RX80 and see how that works. If there is no response you could increase it a bit. That is what I would suggest to you. These products are wonderful for helping with inflammatory conditions.

      Biomedic Labs

      • Ok. I ordered and received your suggestions. I have been giving him 3 capsules of Serracor and 2 capsules of Serra RX80 for 2 days now. Can you give me an idea of when I should notice improvements so that I can know if and when I should increase.
        Heather & Louie

  101. hi’ what medicine should i replaced for prednisone ive been diagnose of gouty arthritis last year and the doctor prescribe is prednisone 15mg per 2x aday then taper it for 1week’ and it comes to my attention that i am getting dependent on this medicine which is not good because i also noticing some serious side effects like gaining weight, fat all over the body, pimples, and the worst is my knee is getting weak and i feel like im always tired, i feel like taking prednisone for long period of time or being dependent on it is only making it worst, do you have any medicine supplement for the kind of situation i’am now? i’m hoping that your product can help me too, to bring back my health back… thank you very much’ and god bless..

    • Gerald,

      I would highly recommend the Serracor N-K and possibly add the Serra RX80 to it as well at least for a month or so. These products are phenomenal for inflammation. Also, a different type of diet might benefit you greatly as well.

      Biomedic Labs

  102. hi’ what medicine should i replaced for prednisone ive been diagnose of gouty arthritis last year and the doctor prescribe is prednisone 15mg per 2x aday then taper it for 1week’ and it comes to my attention that i am getting dependent on this medicine which is not good because i also noticing some serious side effects like gaining weight, fat all over the body, pimples, and the worst is my knee is getting weak and i feel like im always tired, i feel like taking prednisone for long period of time or being dependent on it is only making it worst, do you have any medicine supplement for the kind of situation i’am now? i’m hoping that your product can help me too, to bring back my health back… thank you very much’ and god bless..

    • Gerald,

      I would highly recommend the Serracor N-K and possibly add the Serra RX80 to it as well at least for a month or so. These products are phenomenal for inflammation. Also, a different type of diet might benefit you greatly as well.

      Biomedic Labs

  103. Hello Biomedic,
    I have dealt with nasal polyps for about ten years…. I had a surgery once and the relief lasted about 6 months…very costly!
    I have tried other natural remedies and have been able to keep the inflammation down but breathing is laborious at times…
    I have been watching diet as well as I feel this is connected…
    Nobody knows the cause of this situation but I suspect fungal.
    Anyway is there a product that will reduce the size of the polyps besides the regiment of Prednisone every couple of months?

    • Nathan,

      I would recommend the Serracor N-K to start. This product is really good for inflammatory conditions as well as helping the immune system. If that doesn’t help you could add the Serra RX80 to it as well.

      Biomedic Labs

  104. Hi

    My mother of 67 years of age has recently been diagnosed with high ESR in her blood. The GP thought it was temple arthritis at first, so gave her a high dose of Prednisolone. My mother had to come of them as she started getting depressed instantly and has now developed tinnitus as a result. Probably for all her life now. She has retuned to the GP because of headaches and unwell feelings. He has told her that her ESR is high again and has prescribed her a low dosage 10mg of the same drug. My mother took one yesterday and already she has started becoming anxious. I am extremely concerned that these drugs they are given her are having a detrimental effect and destroying her health as opposed to helping her. I am curious as to WHY doctors will not discuss ANY alternative therapy or offer general advice regarding her condition, yet will quickly prescribe, what to me, seem like lethal drugs for the system??What alternative(s) could you suggest? Much appreciated.

    • Garroth,

      I’m sorry to hear about your mothers problems and your frustration with the all knowing docs. Unfortunately this is the medical world we live in which is driven solely by money and prescription drugs. Prednisone is a nasty drug that is so over prescribed you wouldn’t believe it. With all that said I would recommend the Serracor N-K for your mother. It is a wonderful product for bringing down inflammation levels in the body without any side effects. If she didn’t see a positive change within a month I would be surprised.

      Biomedic Labs

      • Thankyou for your reply biomedic. I am tempted to buy the products(i would also be very interested in products for her high blood pressure and chronic urine infections), however i am always wary about buying things from the net esp products like these. Is this genuine then and all above board? I am worried that if i give it to my mother it maybe some dodgy product. Also, i am based in the UK. BTW my mum stopped taking the tablets today, because she started seeing stars infront of her eyes and painful eye issues!! I thought this crap they dish out was supposed to help!? I am not racist but in the UK we have mostly Indian, African or Pakistani doctors now and they lack the empathy, understanding, and ethics of most British doctors. That’s just my personal expereince. There are some that are just as good and better than Brirish GPs too.(they are PredNISOLONE not prednisone. I’m taking you’re aware that these are 2 different medications? So, the products you recommended might not be suited, because in your reply you have read in error that i’ve written Prednisone? Is it possible to communicate with you via email/ It’s difficult and exposing through here?Garroth

  105. I have Crohns Disease and have it for 13 years, have so many different things, currently under a specialist who has me on 5mg of Prednislone and has me seeing a surgeon which I really don’t want to do, we tried mercaptopurine (6mp) but had a bad reaction to it so now they don’t seem to know what to put me on because my body seems to react or is sensitive the only thing working at the moment is prednislone but I need to find something long term and less evasive .

  106. I have a six year old Aussie with immune problems which leads to a horrible cough and lots of phlegm she is one prednisone she does have food allergies and we have switched foods for her can I take her off all at once or wean her off the drug while giving her yours. ? and how much of yours do I give thank you

  107. Hello, I have been suffering from pulmonary fibrosis for the past 4-5 years, Instead of improving it’s getting worse. I was given prednisone 5mg daily plus I cannot walk or talk normally without taking oxygen cylinder at the same time. I read on the side effects of prednisone which stated it causes weight gain however it’s been the total opposite for me and I’ve lost a lot of weight. I don’t feel hungry as much and I feel weak. What can I do? What would you suggest? I don’t like how my life is right now. Nothing is working. I did try serracor and peptizyme for 6 and half months however it did not work for me. Also, I didn’t know whether I should stop taking my prescribed medications from the doctor and completely rely on serracor nk? I’m so confused. Shall I go back to serracor nk or shall I stick to the medication given by the doctors? Thank you

      • Hello, due to being breathless, I am unable to talk for long. So if you don’t mind could you email me if you do like. I have another question regarding two supplements I’ve been taking, serracor nk and peptizyme. Which one plays the major role in curing this disease?

  108. My partner was diagnosed with PMR (Polymyalgia Rheumatica) 3 months ago and has been on Prednisone since then. We were told he could be on Prednisone anywhere form 6 months to 6 years, but that eventually this auto-immune disease is “cured” by the Prednisone.

    Every time we try to reduce the dosage to below 15 mg per day the symptoms of pain in his muscles and joints start again. I’ve done a lot of research on Natural/Functional Medicine alternatives and it appears that most auto-immune diseases begin with leaky gut issues and poor digestion. As a result he has gone gluten and sugar free, is taking digestive enzymes with each meal, and I have him taking anti-inflammatory supplements daily, including curcumin complex. We just switched from NOW Super Enzymes to Enzyme Solutions Formula 32. Which of your products would you recommend and why would they be better than what we are already doing? Any other suggestons?

      • Hi Brad,

        We’re away from home right now, but should be back Friday, 6/20. I will call you at the 888 number when we get back…do not want to put my phone # in a public post. Here’s a little more info: David is 70 years old and has always been in basically excellent health and physically active, including folk dancing, biking (15-20 miles no problem) and hiking regularly. The polymyalgia started in November with neck aches and headaches and continued like that on and off through February (we didn’t know what was causing the neck pain, but there was some stress around that time, so we assumed that was causing the problems). Mid-February it started affecting his joints and muscles, almost immobilizing him, including rapid heart rate and high blood pressure. His ESR (Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate) was 91 when tested. He functions with the Prednisone, but does not feel up to the physical activities he used to do. Right now it’s No dancing, short walks and bike rides of 2-3 mi max. When I started working on reducing inflammation in his body and I took him off gluten and sugar he dropped almost 20 pounds in 6 weeks, mostly belly fat – no he has not been gaining weight on Prednisone. He’s 5’6″ and 140 lbs which is less than he weighed as a teenager. We changed doctors and have been working with the new doctor who changed to a strategy of dropping the Prednisone 1 mg every two weeks and he’s down to 13 mg. (The previous doctor started him off with 60 mg Prednisone and tried to drop it to zero in less than 6 weeks, which made him sicker than before when he went down to 10 mg – all of his blood tests were worse.) The Enzyme Formula 32 was recommended by our massage therapist who is also a Naturopathic Practitioner. That’s pretty much the whole history.

        Looking forward to hearing your take on how to beat this thing – I miss my companion!


  109. Hello, I have been suffering with nasal polyps for over 30 years. I have not had the surgery and have tried natural remedies with slight success. In the past Prednisone has helped. What do you recommend as an alternative to Prednisone?

    • Hi Brad,

      No I didn’t call. I have a dear 82 year old friend who was literally starving to death (down to 78 pounds from 125) that needed some intervention and help from me – immediately – so I’ve been rather preoccupied the past few weeks. This condition started in Aug 2013 when she had a pacemaker installed. The plethora of doctors she’s seen for the pressure in her abdomen since then, including her cardiologist, missed the fact that she has congestive heart failure and that the pressure was from fluids accumulating in her abdominal cavity. On top of everything she’s now also got a hyperthyroid condition. She’s finally seeing some good doctors through UCSF med center and I’ve managed to get her weight back to 85 pounds! We’ve got more doctor appointments this week while she’s staying with me in the Bay Area. She lives in the Gold Country. Meanwhile, we’ve gotten David’s Prednisone down to 11 mg. I think I’m having a bit of caretaker burnout…will call as soon as I can handle having some more info on my plate.


  110. Hi, I’m sorry if you’ve answered this question already but I skimmed through and couldn’t find it. My mom who is 65 was diagnosed with pemphigus vulgaris in her gums a few years ago (prob 5). She’s tried many meds and have had many horrible side effects and subsequently had to get off those meds. One of them was prednisone. Recently a dr put her back on 1 mg of prednisone and today we found out the disease has spread to her throat and inner ear. I was wondering if there is something she can take to help her. I’m very scared for my mom. Thx.


  111. Hi,

    I am 37 and have scoliosis, which has left me with degenerative disc disease, bone spurs, arthrits, and LOTS and LOTS of subsequent muscle pain! It affects my daily activities. But, when I am on Prednisone (it takes 30mg daily), I am 80 90% improved! Help! I need a Pred alternative! Do you have any success stories of people using your products, who suffered with similar things, as I?

  112. I am fighting a really bad poison ivy infection (beggining of week two now) and I just ran out of prednisone. My symptoms have not fully subsided yet. I am waiting on the doctors approval for a refill of this and other prescriptions. What can I do in the meantime? I have to work tomorrow, is there some sort of otc/natural remedies I can take for relief? Also, is prednisdone harmful to me in short term use? Sorry I am probably not a severe case like these other posters who have suffered for so long.

  113. Nicole, Australia

    I have chronic sinus and adult-onset asthma problems. I take Seretide as a preventative for my asthma, have been prescribed Avamys for sinus but no longer use it as feel it does nothing at all. Every so often perhaps 3-4 times a year I have severe sinus infections which only the steriods will help. I have no sense of smell at all until on the course of steriods and so miss having my sense of smell. I have had 2 sinus surgeries and have been recommended not to go again for a 3rd time. I would like a natural alternative that might be able to take on a regular basis to help with all of the sinus and respiratory problems I am experiencing and help my sense of smell to return. Can you recommend anything?

    • Nicole,

      I would recommend the Serracor N-K and Serra RX80 for the first couple months. I can guarantee you will feel better within a month or so without any side effects.

      Biomedic Labs

  114. I am curious, i have been diagnosed with behcets syndrome, i have a history of oral lesions, DVT and ocular vasculitus. my doctors have tried 2 different immune suppressants one cause an infection in my gallbladder which was removed the other caused asthma like symptoms. i have been reduced to taking prednisone daily and my strength stamina and other faculties are degrading rapidly. i have asked my doctors for alternatives but they only offer more immune suppressants. i am sick of dragging this wrecked body around like a rock and want my health back suggestions please?

    • James,

      I would definitely suggest Serracor N-K as well as Serra RX80 for your condition. I think within a couple months you will see vast improvements without any side effects.

      Biomedic Labs

  115. I’ve had bronchitis and pneumonia pretty much one or the other on a yearly basis since 1988. Always the same, a round of antibiotics and prednisone. The cough lingers up to a month. What would work for this?

  116. Hello, okay, a long story and a bit of complaining sorry.

    A few years ago, (I think I may have been around 22 – 25, I am now 29) I had the 3 course cervical cancer vaccine. I am not sure at which point but either on the second or third course I began sneezing, having a runny nose, congested nose, woke up not being able to breathe through my nose, headachy, lethargic, for just the morning and night and then all day round and even druing the night. It was like I had a constant cold. I have never had anything like it before the vaccine. Anyway the GP explained that it was an allergy, it may have been from childhood and came back or it is a new one as it happens. I was sure it was caused by the vaccine. She gave me allergy medications, Avamyz, Rhinocort, Claratyne all of which did absolutely nothing, Avamyz helped for less than an hour and then it came back.Claratyne dried up my nose so bad that it made my nose bleed. I was referred to a specialist who did all these exams and nothing was really wrong up there. He prescribed me prednisolone…ahh was the only thing that made me feel the way I used to! But I was not allowed to take it for long. I got the flu a few months ago and since I got better, it was like the allergy had subsided, a lot, but not completely. Then, as soon as September came along..ugh it’s back. So now I am back to not being able to really do much, since my nose is always dripping and I can’t go 10 minutes without blowing my nose. I want to go back on prednisolone but I am too scared for the side effects, what would you please recommend? I have not been diagnosed with anything but I thought I had Persistent Rhinitis.Any advice would much be appreciated 🙂

    Thank you,

    • Hermione,

      It’s really hard to say what might be going on and why. I can tell you drugs and vaccines seem to cause more problems than they help. I would suggest trying the Serracor N-K and Serra Rx80 as these are really good for any inflammatory condition.

      Bioemdic Labs

  117. Hello! Unfortunately for over 6 months I’ve been plagued with weird spotty type red rashes on my skin face neck and arms…it is not acne and I’m pretty confident it’s not atopic dermatitis. Took inconclusive allergy tests (of vague chemicals that I have little chance of being in contact with!), and begged my allergist/dermatologist to give me Prednisone for some relief. Like others who have posted, I knew it would be a temporary reprieve, since as soon as I was weaned off it, the rashy symptoms came back. Presently I’m taking Turmeric Curcumin 1050 mg, Omega 3, Vitamins E and C and Zyrtec. I’m also taking Apple Cider Vinegar which has helped immensely by fading the spots but only temporarily since the condition keeps reappearing. I’m trying to isolate this to some type of in balance between my inflammation or histamine levels. Can you please let me know if you’ve heard of this skin inflammation and what would you recommend for treatment?

    • Karen,

      I’m sorry but I have not heard of this condition so I can’t really comment. The Serracor N-K and Serra RX80 are really good for treating all types of inflammation though so I would try that.

      Biomedic Labs

  118. I have proteinuria and late Stage 2 CKD, along with diabetes. I have gotten my blood sugar and blood pressure well under control through diet and exercise and was devastated to find out that my doctor wants to put me on Prednisone or something similar for six months. What do you recommend for proteinuria?

  119. I have been on prednisone for 16 years after my first adult onset asthma attack was at 35years old. I have developed COPD, oesophagus spasm, cataracts, a cured lung disease called MAC( due to low immunity from prednisone) which has left me with less than one lung capacity and scarring. I blow 1:2 litres at my last test. I had a fall and due to brittle bones I had 2 spinal surgeries. 2 lots of fusion and 3 replaced discs. Before all this I swam laps and sailed and had trekked around on my jet ski, I love all water activities but have nearly drowned while snorkelling twice because when I exert myself I get out of breathe. My maintainance dose of prednisone is 10mg and I have to take 70mg when I get lung infections along with clarithymicin and augmentin duo. I can’t breathe without prednisone and I used to take 21 pharmo drugs but I can’t seem to shake the horrid prednisone. What can I take instead, or while gradually weaning off it?

    • Lynda,

      I would definitely recommend the Serracor N-K and Serra RX80. These products are wonderful for inflammation, and scar tissue. It sounds to me like all the drugs you have been taking have probably made you somewhat toxic and caused other issues. Prednisone is a nasty drug which I think you know so I won’t say anymore. If you have any more questions please let us know.

      Biomedic Labs

  120. Hi, I have been on prednisone for Polymyalgia Rheumatica for three years and am trying to taper off this nasty medication. What do you suggest to take and what dosage. Thank you very much.

    • Torsten,

      We would recommend the Serracor N-K, and Serra RX80. These should really help you a lot! I would take 3 Serracor N-K 3x per day and 2 Serra RX80 3x per day. Let us know if you have any questions.

      Biomedic Labs

  121. If someone with granulomatosis with polyangiitis takes 10 mg of prednisone. Would these help with it. Love to get off prednisone taking it for 4 yes now. :-/ and hate it.

  122. Hi, I’m suffering from Gout for few years now. I have had really bad flare up 2 years back and it took about a month to recover from it and be active again. Since starting this year, it has been really bad and I’m having an attack almost every 45 days. I’ve pretty much done everything that I could do. I’m a vegetarian and I removed all veggies that are rich in purine. I do not drink. I take berries and cherries, apple cider vinegar etc. Lately, I’m prescribed prednisone. Although it relieves pain within few days, I get the racing heart beat due to this medicine. I’m not only looking for an alternative to prednisone but also looking for a medicine that will keep off Gout. Thanks in advance.

    • Raghu,

      We don’t deal with a whole lot of people with gout but the Serracor N-K and Serra Rx80 are really good for inflammation. I would certainly give it a try as you would probably notice within the first week or two.

      Biomedic Labs

  123. I’m taking prednisone for bronchitis, and the big deal for me is the ENERGY I instantly had. I’ve been cleaning the house, at times on my hands and knees. Then, jumped on the granddaughters bike and went for a long ride. I NEED this energy! (a few details: I am a heart patient, 68 years old, CABG for 100% LAD block 15 yrs ago. Have an ICD, CRT-D for electrical in 3 chambers. Drs don’t care about my energy levels, just tell me to get plenty of exercise. blah blah. If I had this kind of ENERGY I could!! What do you recommend for this high energy?

  124. Hi I have granulomatosis with polyangiitis which has caused end stage renal failure. I have received a kidney transplant which is working at around 16%. I have been taking prednisone for 24 years with side effects of Cushing’s syndrome and osteoporosis. Would either of your tablets help?

  125. Nicole,

    I would definitely recommend the Serracor N-K and Serra RX80 as they are great for inflammation which sounds like what you are dealing with. They may not work as good but over time they will continue to help more and more.

    Biomedic Labs

    • Thank you! I had already ordered the serrracor n-k but not the serra rx80 yet. I was only taking 20mg of prednisone and experiencing total relief of my symptoms so not nearly as high of a dose as I have seen mentioned. The reviews I have read have all been so positive! What would you recommend the starting dose at? I see a lot of people will go as high as 2 to 3 pills 3x daily and then taper down. Is it better to start high and work down to a ‘maintenance dose’ or start low and work up to a dose that helps? Thanks so much for the quick reply!!

  126. Hi im sam
    Im a 28 yo/o F
    Dr prescribed me prednisone 5mg 2xa day
    Due to bidy aches and at times extreme exhaustion. Sed rate was 38. Im so sick and tired, of being tired!

  127. My dog has lymphoma, I have decided not to pursue allopathic chemotherapies for a number of reasons. with the direction of a chinese herbalist he has started on some herbs recently, he is also on some other supplements like medicinal mushrooms. and has been on low dose naltrexone for just under 2 weeks. Prednisone is sometimes used in conjunction with traditional chemo therapies, but is also used alone to decrease lymph node size. the ones in his throat area are the greatest concern to avoid issues with eating, drinking and breathing. would any of your products realistically be a replacement for prednisone to help with the inflammation?

    the low dose naltrexone he is on is supposed to be an immune system modulator so suppressing it with prednisone would not make any sense to me….

    • Joanna,

      I don’t if I would completely take him off any of the meds due to the severity of the situation from the sounds of it. The Serra RX260 would be very good for the inflammation though.

      Biomedic Labs

  128. I have myasthenia gravis and I am wondering which products could be the alternative to the prednisone I take every day?

  129. Hi, I have a french bulldog of 6 years and is suffering with severe skin allergies. The vet put her on 5 mg prednison daily and this works. She would have to take it for the rest of her life to suppress the allergies. Would your product help to take her off of the prednison and how much do I give her?

  130. Hello there. I was recently diagnosed with auto immune hepatitis. I’ve now been on prednisone for a few days and the very painful inflammation in my liver has settled right down. But I’m so scared of prednisone and I really want off. The doctor says 40 mg a day for one month and then slowly wean down over the next few weeks, and then the liver specialist wants to see me in 2 months. I’m so thankful for the wonderful facility that took such good care of me during a very trying time and we’re able to give me some answers. They caught it nice and early. I have hypothyroidism which they informed me now is also an auto immune type called Hashimotos. My liver is functioning well and the enzymes numbers are slowly coming down. My white blood cell count was so low and I’m happy to report that it’s almost back to acceptable range. My spleen is enlarged to 19 cm (11cm normal ) from back pressure from the liver. They tell me the spleen has been sequestering blood cells which has also caused my platelets to be quite low. On top of all that I’m doing iron iv therapy to bring my hemoglobin up. So all around a bit of a picture of a breakdown in every system. I’m 34 years old with a loving husband and 4 beautiful children ages 5 to 14. I plan to be around for many many years and am determined to fight this thing. I am very open to alternatives and am trying to do due diligence to my options. They tell me AIH is a diagnosis of elimination, when everything else has been ruled out. I did have a liver biopsy and I fit the picture. Thank you for any insights you may have. I will look at your products. They seem a good fit for me. I guess my concern is how and if I can just take this into my own hands and make the switch.

    • Hi Lisa,

      Well it sounds like you are dealing with quite a bit there but I do think a couple of products would help you. They are called Serracor N-K and Serra RX80. They work very well for inflammation as well as blood cleansing. I am married as well with 4 kids so I can appreciate your concern. I would say that we can’t recommend stopping something that your doctor has prescribed for you but you can take our products along with the Prednisone. Have you talked to him about this? If you have any questions feel free to write us. Thanks!

      Biomedic LAbs

  131. Hello

    After having a portion of my skin tested I was told I’m atopic and developed eczema. I took prednisone for 5 days at 50mg then was gradually taken off but then I continued experience my itchy skin. I see a dermatologist but he constantly gives me creams which do not work. At my last visit he joking asked “you want something natural don’t you?” and obviously I said “yes!”. He laughed and responded with “nothing exists, try this cream and I’ll see you in 2 months”. I am determinded to find something and I think I found it in your product. Could you suggest what I can take? I will take it to my doctor before ordering.

    I look forward to your response.


    • JC,

      I would recommend the Serracor N-K and the Serra RX260. These are very good for helping the overactive immune system which is the main cause of eczema. It won’t be something you will see right away but over a period of month or more it will continue to improve. I wouldn’t waste your time taking anything to the doctor as they won’t even know what any of the ingredients are plus they aren’t drugs.

      Biomedic Labs

    • JC,

      The Serracor N-K and the Serra RX260 should help you quite a bit. They are very good at helping the body’s immune system tone down so it quits attacking itself. I wouldn’t waste your time taking it to a doctor though as they won’t know any of the ingredients plus they aren’t drugs. 🙂

  132. Hi My name is Vickie and my husband Jimmie was diagnosed with autoimmune hepatitis 2 yrs ago. We did not go to a liver doctor because he didn’t want the drugs that seemed to make people more sick than what they were before they were diagnosed. Would would you suggest for him. He is 65 still works full time takes care of the yard and a around the house. I have copd and on oxygen 24 /7. Plus he has had diabetes for 5 yrs. Will this help with his immune system to stop attacking his liver?

    • Hi Vickie,

      The Serracor N-K and the Serra RX 260 would probably help a lot. They are very good for toning down an overactive immune system. They are also very good for COPD if you weren’t aware of that. We deal with many people who suffer from that condition.

      Biomedic Labs

    • Vickie,

      I would suggest giving him the Serracor N-K and Serra RX260. They are very good in helping to tone down an overactive immune system so it should help him. They are also very good for COPD if you weren’t aware. We deal with many people who suffer from that condition.

      Biomedic Labs

  133. What product, if any, can assist with the holistic management of the autoimmune disease(s) of vasculitus and sarcoid; and rheumatoid and osteo arthritis?

    • Dee,

      The Serracor N-K and Serra Rx260 would work very well for the different conditions you are suffering from. You should notice some positive changes within the first 30 day or so.

      Biomedic Labs

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