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Hello, I wanted to share with everyone the many different success stories we have gathered over the years. All testimonials are submitted as is and never altered in any way. We have about 15-20 new stories that have not been added yet but will be soon. Best of health!!

Click link for succes stories.

Biomedic Labs

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  1. I have a question. I have had 3 sinus surgeries, been allergy tested 4 times from 4 different doctors. My surgeries were also done by different doctors all specialists in their field. The most recent surgery being at the University of Pennsylvania over a year ago. Everyone agrees that I have allergies to something, but have no idea what it could be. The worst problem I have at this time is that I have no sense of smell unless I take steroids. Can you tell me if you think any of these products will help.

      • no one knows at this point. I have certainly tried over the years to check everything i use, eat or come in contact with, as well as, all the preventative measures with bedding and carpets, pets, etc. I have tried every suggestion and continue to look, but I have not found anything that will help. Any new suggestions?

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