Did A Procedure Leave You With Post-Surgery Scar Tissue? There Is A Safe Way To Treat Yourself


Both major and minor procedures can leave unsightly or uncomfortable scar tissue. You may feel stuck with this mark and memory of your procedure for the rest of your life or face invasive and uncomfortable procedures. However, there are safe and effective supplements that eat away at your scar tissue to reduce its presence on your body.

About Scarring

Scarring is the body’s remarkable method for healing. It lays down tough, fibrous tissue over the affected area to prevent further injury. The process of scarring can start around ten days after the initial injury and it can take up to a year before the scar fully matures. Scars are typically tough and dry. While their redness decreases as they mature, they are still often a noticeably different color than the surrounding skin.

More Than Cosmetic

While it may seem that the problems associated with scars are purely cosmetic, scar tissue can also contribute to physical problems as well. According to an article from Integrative Health Care some scars can inhibit range of motion, cause nerve impingement, pain and numbness. Deep scar tissue can also cause muscle pain and inhibit motion.

Clinical Treatments

Johns Hopkins Health Library details the various clinical methods for removing scar tissue. They can include: surgical tissue removal; dermabrasion, which uses special tools to sand down the scar; chemical peels, collagen injections, punch grafts, and laser removal. All of these methods can involve significant costs, pain and possibly result in even more scar tissue. These invasive methods are less than ideal for removing problem scars.

Healthy Alternatives

There is a natural, healthy alternative to invasive procedures. The systemic enzyme serrapeptase works to eat away at fibrin in your body. Fibrin is the protein building block of scar tissue. Serrapeptase can dissolve away excess fibrin that contributes to creating scar tissue as well as reduce existing scar tissue. According to an article from Biomedic Labs RX, serrapeptase is made from the enzyme that silk worms use to eat out of their cocoons. It is specifically designed to destroy dead tissue, while leaving healthy, living tissue unharmed.

Because enzymes already occur in the body naturally and the systemic enzymes are simply catalyzing natural processes there are no harmful side effects to using systemic enzymes. As we age we produce fewer enzymes in our body, so the older we get the more important it is to supplement our body’s natural enzymes to help fight pesky scar tissue.


Serra RX80 and Serracor-NK are two products from Biomedic Labs RX that contain the enzyme serrapeptase and are formulated to fight fibrin in the body as well as prevent harmful inflammation. These enzymes are enterically coated so that they are not broken down by acid in the stomach and are absorbed by the small intestine instead. To ensure these systemic enzymes are most effective they should be taken on an empty stomach.

Long Term Benefits

The process of eating away scar tissue with systemic enzymes can take more time than a clinical procedure, but will likely be more beneficial in the long run. While systemic enzymes can eat away at existing scar tissue, it can also prevent the build up of scar tissue. If you begin taking enzymes as soon as you have a procedure you can prevent large and unsightly cars. Not only does serrapeptase fight scar tissue, but has added health benefits of helping you feel younger.

Whether it was a c-section, heart surgery or any other major or minor procedure that left you with large, unsightly scars, you can do something about it. Try systemic enzymes that work with your body to dissolve scar tissue safely and naturally.

Feel Free to ask any questions and/or visit our store here www.biomediclabs.com


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