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CEO of  Biomedic Labs, LLC

I have an extensive background in vitamins, nutrition, and systemic enzyme therapy.  My career began with various vitamin companies including World Nutrition, where I worked for three years and specialized in systemic enzyme therapy.  Through each of  my experiences, I  was able to gain extensive knowledge in the natural healthcare industry.  My passion and dedication to helping people over the years drove me to start my own company in 2004.  I teamed up with AST, a company with more than 50 years of experience in enzyme research and manufacturing to develop a line of the highest quality enzymes available.

I am an honest person.  I started this blog because I wanted to reach out to people, get to know my customers better and have a place to connect.  I truly enjoy educating people on enzymes because I have seen such amazing results and they have even helped me in the things I love to do. Nature and family are two of the most important things to me.  I cherish connection to all living things.  I live in Arizona and I try and make each day the best it can be.  I have many friends and wouldn’t be the same without them.  I am an active person and I feel terrible for people who are limited in their activities because of illness.  I am so glad that I have found enzymes because I know that they help me recover from injuries and fatigue much faster than I would normally.  It is my goal to help others and increase the awareness of enzymes because they are truly powerful and can help in so many ways for so many people.

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  1. I have had a few significant injuries that I am hoping to recovery fully from. I recently had my right knee ACL reconstructed and have had my left knee reconstructed 15 years ago. I have also had spinal surgery for herniated discs. Is there any products that you would highly recommend for faster recovery. I am very active and this has limited me quite a bit. Thank you

    • I’m not sure if this is the right place for questions. I’ve been diagnosed with connective tissue disease, osteoarthritis and bursitis. I’ve been on an anti malaria medication and prednisone. I recently moved to a new state which means new Drs. They have taken me off the prednisone and now I’m miserable! I’ve been inactive for two weeks because of this! Which products would you suggest for me? I also have fibromyalgia and still take Lyrica for that. I’d love to eventually be off the Lyrica too. Thank you for your time. Karen

      • Karen,

        I would highly recommend the Serracor N-K, and Serra RX260. These two products should help you in dealing with many of the conditions you are suffering from. I would be amazed if you didn’t see great improvement within 1-2 months.

        Biomedic Labs

  2. Hi. My husband has been on prednisolone for 18 months. Now reduced t0 2mg per day. He has been diagnosed recently after many months of tests, with mylelodysplasia. But dr. says it is stable. His past medical history over the past 2years- aspirated during endoscopy for bleeding in the stomach. Surgery for annurysms in the Aorta and Turp surgery. His energy levels and bloods are very low. I would welcome your advice as to should we push for ceasing of prednisolone? He started on much higher levels to begin with but now has it down to 2mg. I hate the idea of taking this drug for so long. Thanks. Bev.

    • Bev,

      I understand you not wanting your father to take that as it has a lot of side effects. I would highly suggest getting him on the Serracor N-K at 3 caps 3x per day. I think he will see improvement within the month or so. Is he succeptible to bleeding though?

      Biomedic Labs

  3. I was diagnosed with Sarcoidosis in 2000. I took Prednisone for 2 years after which the disease seemed to have gone into remission. I do have some difficulty breathing and lately feel as though it could be a little active. Periodically there is some discomfort in the left lung. My pulminary doctor has recommended a low does of Prednisone, but honestly that is one drug I do not which to ever take again. Will your products help this? And if so which do you recommend and dosses?

    • Lynn,

      I understand you not wanting to take the Prednisone as it has a lot of side effects. I would most certainly suggest the Serracor N-K, Serra RX80, Nacetyl RX, and probably Clear Lungs. You should start see results within a couple months. Let us know if you have any other questions.

      Biomedic Labs

  4. I have been on prednesone for 6 months . I was diagnosed with rhematoid inflammation. I went down to 2.5 mg and pain in shoulders and hips and legs came back. I am changing mt eating habits and teducing stress. Can any of your meds help and does one take these while on prednesone?

  5. Hi i am Under medication of prednison for almost 1 month because im suffering from bells palsy and weakening of my right side nerve that affects my right eye and became crossed sighted.but lot of side effects occurs while under prednison..im looking for some herbal substitute that i can take so that i can cintinue my medication to help my nerves became normal agaub and hopefully bring back my right eye into normal again.pls email me asap for good herbal substitute without side effects..thank you

  6. Hi, I have ITP and have had this for the previous 20 years. My platelet count is at 20 -30 on average. Recently I had to have surgery on another health matter and was given Prednisone to boost my platelet count for this op. They boosted to 160 in four days. I was dreading going on the prednisone as I know the side effects. Having said this, I have felt so very good whilst I have been on the Prednisone. I am 48 years of age – female and suffer aches and pains from what Ithought was running, exercise and age but now I feel it could be platelet related and swelling in general. I did not know how much I was suffering until I have been on the prednisone and I am assuming this is as it is anti inflammatory and has helped things. Anyway, time to wean off the prednisone and I so wish it was good for you as I could stay on this for the rest of my life. But not to be. Can u help me with a remedy, natural alternative please? And can you also advise if your medication effects platelets and their production? It would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks

    • Michelle,

      I would definitely recommend the Serracor N-K and Serra RX80. It does wonders for aches, pains, and general inflammation. These products will not interfere with platelet count or production.

      Biomedic Labs

  7. my husband has two blood clotting disorders and is on Xarelto daily – has an IVC filter as well to block any blood clots from getting into the lungs in case he were to clot – he has DIP (desquamitive Interstitial Pneumonia) which is a form of fibrosi – it is coming back again and coughing up some blood – he REFUSES prednisone – CAN he take the Serracor-NK and Serra 80 while on thinners?? Ordered this but worried –


  8. I have had we geners microscopic poly an git is for 5 years and have been on prednisone, recently blood was found in my kidneys. Would this help the inflammation in my kidneys?

  9. Im taking Prednisone for Chrons / Colitis (sometimes Dr. says I have Chron’s / or Ulcertative Colitis). What would you recommend I take? Also are these vitamins that you you offer? Also what is systemic enzyme therapy? I have been looking for other alternatives that can help me with is problem. Thank you for any info that you can provide.

    • Beatrice I would recommend a product called Serra RX260 which is very good for any type of inflammatory condition. Yes they are vitamins or also considered a dietary supplement. Systemic enzyme therapy is when you take enzymes on an empty stomach so they can enter the bloodstream to do their job. Most enzymes are taken before a meal to help with digestion. Let us know if you have any other questions.

      Biomedic Labs

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