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A leading distributor of pharmaceutical grade nutritional supplements and medical devices offering a comprehensive line of products across multiple categories including our own line. Whether it’s vitamins, essential minerals, and herbs, or medical devices Biomedic Labs is able to control the integrity of all of its products by thoroughly researching every product we offer for quality and purity before it is offered to you the customer. Supported by the leading manufacturers of pharmaceutical grade supplements and medical devices customers are ensured prompt delivery and unmatched customer support.

Biomedic Labs has been the dominant force in the supplement industry since 2004 with the highest quality products available in doctors offices, health food stores, specialty stores, and progressive retailers everywhere.


Biomedic Labs, LLC. is a company dedicated to helping people achieve the dream of perfect health. With honor and integrity and through the concept of Together Everyone Achieves More, we are committed to always providing you with the most advanced nutraceutical products available on the market. We are also dedicated to providing you with the most up to date information on how to stay healthy, and live a longer, more rewarding life


From the beginning, our customers have been our number one priority. While strict quality control, lab testing, under tightly controlled conditions are all very important, they are all done for one reason ” to bring you high quality, affordable supplements. We pride ourselves on customer loyalty and are pleased to report that nearly all of our first-time customers become devoted patrons. You can be confident that from the moment a product is received to the moment it leaves our facility we offer only the highest quality so you can be assured of what you are putting in your body.


We offer our products throughout the United States direct to the customer, through doctors offices, independent natural product and specialty retail stores. We also pride ourselves on our international shipping capabilities in being able to ship our products to over 80 different countries.

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  1. Friend with nerve damage in her neck from having mono twice in one year. She now has daily diarrhea and is down to 97 pounds (she is 5’6″). Has had colonoscopy and found nothing other than polyps and pre-cancerous lesion in her esophogus due to acid erosion. Anxiety and depression from her failing health and resulting divorce Has has low grade fever for 2 years due to the inflammation in her neck I assume. Doctors want her on steroids. Do you have anything that will help? I am desperate.

    • Nancy,

      I would recommend high doses of the Serracor N-K and Vida Defense. I can’t guarantee anything but people have really turned their health around in using these products for many different conditions.

      Biomedic Labs

  2. I have 3 young boys ages 7 and twins 5 who have cystic fibrosis. They are fairly healthy but end up being on antibiotics fairly frequently, are on enzymes for eating anything, nasal sprays, puffers etc. There have been other complications as of late though with my 7yr old son. He has developed a severe allergy in his lungs to aspergillis spores and his body is attacking itself and scarring his lungs. If this is left unchecked he will have permanently damaged lungs. The CF doctors want to put him on prednisone for 6wks and if it doesnt get cleared up then possibly longer or stronger doses. I try to be as natural and healthy as possible with them and i am not convinced this is my only solution. What advice can you give me? Not only for this scenario but for overall good health dealing with cystic fibrosis?

    • Angie,

      The predinisone will only help with the inflammation but won’t do anything for lung scarring. It may be necessary but there are so many side effects from that stuff I would try to avoid it. I would highly recommend Serracor N-K and Serra RX80. These products are phenomenal for inflammation and will also help to stop scarring of the lungs and fibrosis. We deal with many fibrosis realted conditions and have often wondered how it would work with CF patients. I think it would o wonders myself but we don’t really promote it for that. If it were my kids that’s what I would be giving them for sure. Let me know if you have any other questions. Here is a link to our website. http://www.biomediclabs.com

      Biomedic Labs

  3. hello i am wondering if this could be helpful for epilepsy? my 9 year old niece is now on iv predisone for her symptoms and we would love to find an alternative for her, she has just recently had a major operation done on her brain but she seems to be getting worse, any help would be greatly appreciated

  4. Brad,
    I have a 10 yr old dog with a locally aggressive malignant nerve sheath brain tumor. He had surgery on his hind leg for an abscess and his leg is quite painful now. I have had him on neoplasene and sanicle amongst other things for chemo. He recently received two shots in the last two months and appears to be in some pain while he circles sometimes. I would like to relieve some pressure in his head and leg both. Do these enzymes affect tumors and do they cross the blood-brain barrier? Suggestions?


    • Patrick,

      First off I’m very sorry for just now responding to your query. We didn’t realize all of the traffic and posts we were getting on here. May I ask how much your dog weighs? I would definitely try the Serra RX80 at a rate of 4-5 caps per day. I think it would definitely help with the pain and inflammation. The enzymes work very well on fibroid tumors but that’s really the extent that we deal with tumors. I would have to say the enzymes do cross the blood brain barrier. Let me know if you have any more questions as we are definitely monitoring this closely now.


  5. what product should I take as substitue to prednisone, I have Wagners Disease (kidney) and I hurt mostly in the mornins and nights of inflammation (knees, shoulders etc) Help

    • Micheline,

      I would definitely recommend the Serracor N-K. You might also try adding the Serra RX80 as well. I think you will see an improveemnt within a week or so.

      Biomedic Labs

  6. Hi, I was wondering what you have for small children, my son is 3 and needs an alternative to prednisone! He has a rare bone condition, so the prednisone will only make it worse in time. But when he comes off it he swells, has high fevers, and extreme pain.

    • Heather,

      Unfortunately we don’t have anything that has been tested on small children. I would recommend the Serra RX80 for the time being but only give maybe 2 caps 2x per day. How old are they?

      Biomedic Labs

    • Barb,

      We don’t have a whole lot of experience with this condition but our products Serracor, and Sera RX80 seem to work well for all lung conditions.

      Biomedic Labs

  7. I have sjogrens syndrome with dry eyes and dry mouth, a geographic tongue, and fibromyalgia. I was just diagnosed and given a short term 1 month supply of prednisome. which one of your products would help me as a substitute for the prednisone.? My spring allergies are horrendous and affect my eyes to the point where I want to scratch them out. Would the supplements help in this area also?

    • Jann,

      I would start by taking 3 caps of Serracor N-K 3x per day and see if that helps. It is a really good anti-inflammatory as well as immune system enhancer which would help with the allergies.

      Biomedic Labs

  8. Hey there,
    I got hit really bad with allergy’s this year to the point were my sinuses flared up so bad I now no longer have a sense of smell. I also have a rattling in my throat I believe is from my sinus drainage. I been dealing with this since the beginning of this year and it is very trying. I already done 2 rounds of prednisone which will restore my smell until my sinuses and allergy’s act back up. I quit smoking december 26th 2013 and I feel me quitting might of triggered all of this, may sound silly but that is how I feel. Yesterday I went to see the doctor again he is now saying i may have asthma ordered chest xrays and another round of prednisone the highest dose yet. 40mg x3days, 30mgx2days ,20mgx1day,10mg. I can’t handle 40mg I felt like I was near death yesterday. There has to be a better way I will not continue the prednisone, I don’t understand why my doctor would give me such high doses I never been this anxious in my life. I hope you can help.

    • Natalie,

      Sorry to hear that what you are dealing with. I would try the Serracor N-K and Serra RX80 together. Doctors don’t have a clue what they are doing anymore. All they do is give out drugs to people.

      Biomedic Labs

  9. Hi,

    I have a keloid on my neck that’s been hanging around for 5 months now, and it’s been scaring me to think what would happen if I leave it untreated. I don’t trust cortisone injections since they are temporary, and I would like to try something more natural and systematic. In fact, I really can’t trust dermatologists anymore after my experience with them.

    Will your products really help me get rid of, or at least flatten and soften this keloid so that the scar is more mature? Do you know if there are people who have used your product for the same exact reason? I want to live a normal life again, and the keloid on my neck has been diminishing my self-confidence.

    • David,

      I do believe this will help your keloid out within the first 2-3 months and maybe sooner. We have dealt with a decent amount of people who suffer from keloids all with positive experiences.

      Biomedic Labs

  10. Hello,
    I (47) suffered ENDOMETRIOSIS for 30 years & underwent 11 abdominal surgeries ( Laparoscopies & full hysterectomy 2 years ago). You can imagine the adhesions & scar tissue I must have since 30 years. The horrible pain came back all of a sudden & I’m terriefied- again. My holistic practionner told me to take Serrapeptase enzymes.
    The market is filled with products from cheap to expensive which makes the choice tough.
    Each brand claims to have THE solution for internal scar tissue.

    Is there a solution for my unique case?
    I want to enjoy my life now after all these years of sadness & pain…

    Thank you, Isabelle

    • Isabelle,

      Did you ever find a product to take? We were the first company that ever started promoting Serrapeptase for scar tissue partly because of the success both of the owners had in using it.

      Biomedic Labs

  11. I have many digestive issues. I take nexium each morning and for constipation I take linzess. My whole body feels inflammed allthe time. I ice myself down., The only relief I get is to take some prednisone. I have IBD . I just recently had my gall bladder taken out which as helped a lot. Which products which you recommend for ,me?

    • Ann,

      I would recommend the Serra RX260 as well as a product called Digest GI Ultra. The first product I mentioned will help with the inflammation and the other product will help with the digestion. Let us know if you have any other questions.

      Biomedic Labs

  12. What would suggest for a very rare condition called Mystena Gravis?

    Here is a definition of the condition –
    Myasthenia Gravis (pronounced My-as-theen-ee-a Grav-us) comes from the Greek and Latin words meaning “grave muscular weakness.” The most common form of MG is a chronic autoimmune neuromuscular disorder that is characterized by fluctuating weakness of the voluntary muscle groups. The prevalence of MG in the United States is estimated to be about 20/100,000 population. However, MG is probably under diagnosed and the prevalence may be higher. Myasthenia Gravis occurs in all races, both genders, and at any age. MG is not thought to be directly inherited nor is it contagious. It does occasionally occur in more than one member of the same family. The voluntary muscles of the entire body are controlled by nerve impulses that arise in the brain. These nerve impulses travel down the nerves to the place where the nerves meet the muscle fibers. Nerve fibers do not actually connect with muscle fibers. There is a space between the nerve ending and muscle fiber; this space is called the neuromuscular junction. When the nerve impulse originating in the brain arrives at the nerve ending, it releases a chemical called acetylcholine. Acetylcholine travels across the space to the muscle fiber side of the neuromuscular junction where it attaches to many receptor sites. The muscle contracts when enough of the receptor sites have been activated by the acetylcholine. In MG, there can be as much as an 80% reduction in the number of these receptor sites. The reduction in the number of receptor sites is caused by an antibody that destroys or blocks the receptor site. Antibodies are proteins that play an important role in the immune system. They are normally directed at foreign proteins called antigens that attack the body. Such foreign proteins include bacteria and viruses. Antibodies help the body to protect itself from these foreign proteins. For reasons not well understood, the immune system of the person with MG makes antibodies against the receptor sites of the neuromuscular junction. Abnormal antibodies can be measured in the blood of many people with MG. The antibodies destroy the receptor sites more rapidly than the body can replace them. Muscle weakness occurs when acetylcholine cannot activate enough receptor sites at the neuromuscular junction.

    Western Medicine is only suppressing the symptoms and not addressing the root cause.

    I am 47 and was playing soccer competitively until 3 years ago when this attacked me. I eat a very healthy diet and still exercise when I have the strength. I am a father of two and married. I can supply any further information you need. I am at the point of not being able to chew or talk for any length of time and have very low energy. Some days I can’t lift my arms to wash my hair.

    Thank you for your time.

    • Rob,

      Wow I haven’t heard of this condition and I’m sorry to hear how it has affected you. I would highly recommend the Serracor N-K and the Serra RX80. They work to eat up dead proteins in the blood along with you other foreign debris that is not meant to be there. We deal with many autoimmune conditions and both these products are very helpful to those suffering.

      Biomedic Labs

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