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Everyone’s chemistry and experiences are different and completely unique.  I am opening up this blog to hear all of your stories.  Whether you have Pulmonary Fibrosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Parkinson’s, or another disease in which you are willing to share your disease onset, I think it is a great way for us to learn about each other and give support to one another.  Please write in and tell me your story.  Write to:  You are welcome to share a photo if you would like. 

Many thanks, Brad.

Fibromyalgia Day Jan 4, 2011

Looking back on my childhood and early adulthood, I may have had fibromyalgia in a mild form during those years.  I remember in childhood, feeling a bit achy while sitting in classes.  I remember not having lots of energy during recess.  In early adulthood, I remember needing to drink lots of hot cups of tea to feel good on cold winter days.  My shoulders and back ached frequently and I often asked my kids to step on my back to “pop” it.  There were times, however, even in early childhood and early adulthood, when I would feel very energetic.  I think during those “healthy” times, my thyroid and body system was working at its best.

When I was 44 I learned I was severely hypothyroid.  I went on thyroid hormone.

During my late forties I joined a gym and while being taught to use the Gavitron machine I had an accident that may have compressed my spine.  I started having sciatic pain after that.  I also started having cramping in my abdomen.  If anything touched it,my abdomen would cramp up.  I would often come home from work and lay down on the floor in front of the wall heater and just curl up in pain.

I went from doctor to doctor trying to discover the reason.  I went from gynecologist to gynecologist until one said I did have a fibroid tumor but didn’t feel it would be the reason for the odd spasms.  I decided a hysterectomy with ovaries removed may help me out.  I had to push for it as the insurance would only approve of removing the fibroid.

I was also depressed during this time.  I was on all kinds of medications for pain, for depression and for inflammation.  I had tried cortisone shots in the painful area, went to physical therapist, chiropractors and massage therapists.  I tried mind-body massage therapy, pyschotherapists and did much mind-body research.

After I had my hysterectomy my symptoms became even more severe.  I had “electrical” feelings running down my legs, into my toes and pelvic area.  The sciatic nerve pain in my back continued.  I was treated with hormones since my ovaries had been removed.  I  continued on the antidepressants for depression and pain.  I always had hope that one day I would figure out how to crawl out of my dungeon of pain.

When I turned 50, I decided things had to change.  I was going to a great therapist who recognized my realization that I was entering the “wisdom years” of the second half of my life.  I knew I had to sart making changes.  I had always wanted to ballroom dance and I found I could take lessons reasonably at the local college.  I enlisted my “then husband” into taking lessons with me.  It was painful at first.  I remember the skin on my hips was sensitive to feeling the blowing air from the fans and would cramp up painfully.  But I persisted.  After a while, my body responded to the exercise and increased endorphin levels from dancing.  I had less and less pain.  I weaned myself off the pain medications.  One day, I decided to stop all antidepressant medications too.

It has been twelve years now since I first learned to ballroom dance and went off all medications.  I still have fibromyalgia but it has improved greatly.  It doesn’t overwhelm my life like it once did.

My body is at its best when I am getting quality sleep, eating nutritious foods like salmon and green leafy veggies and my stress level is low.  When I get in regular weekly dancing, daily hour-long walks and stay physically active during the day, I feel good.

I feel my worst when I am under stress, don’t get quality sleep and don’t eat quality foods, along with sitting for hours at my computer.  I have a theory that chemicals build up in my tissues and that exercise washes them away.  The endorphins are also needed to help the nerves feel less pain.

As I sit at my computer now and write this, the backs of my thighs burn.  I have been having a lot of shoulder and neck pain lately.  It has been cold recently and I haven’t been walking or dancing often enough.  I also haven’t been eating well during the holidays.  I have gained some weight lately and my body just isn’t working at its best.  Time to get back on my healthy regimen!  I am confident now that my body knows how to respond to the best of care!


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  1. recently prescribed 50 mg of prednisone for adrenal insufficiency. I am still so lethargic that I tremor frequently and have difficulty getting out of bed. I think I may need my meds tripled and am fearful of the repercussions of that. Can you suggest how i would replace 150mg of prednisone so I can get back some quality of life for myself and my family? Thank you.

  2. Oh, I have had that diagnosis. The researcher I had at the time was an asthma specialist, and diagnosed the adrenal insufficiency from years of prednisone. They give a maintenance dose as a substitute for what the body should produce. This varies between individuals, but western medicine teaches about 10mg/day is adequate. (maybe for some) My holistic MD taught me that we all have a circadian rhythm, and the endocrine system follows that: melatonin, cortisol, etc, get secreted at various times and under other situations as needed – adrenaline for a scary experience, for example. Insulin in response to the stimulus of ingesting something sweet. (the brain can’t distinguish caloric and non caloric tastes, it just knows sweet should mean sugars are coming). Anyhow, since the adrenals aren’t making enough – or any – cortisol, they give some steroids to prevent immanent death or severe bodily disease/harm. The catch is that is represses the adrenals further by tricking the brain into believing there is enough cortisol, hence the signal for making more needn’t be sent to the glands. So it doesn’t. And they can atrophy. And we stay on synthetic hormones…. DHEA may be helpful, it’s the mother hormone of many others in the body, so one might find the body can take it and make what is needed from there, but I’d suggest a capable doctor help with the lab tests and such, someone in complementary medicine, not a plain western MD. (an allopathic doctor) They tend not to be open to, or knowledgeable about, non drug interventions.

  3. A further note – that’s a scary post!! Even released from the hospital after severe asthma, I was not allowed home on more than 50mg/day prednisone. The body cannot handle ingesting higher doses orally – hence they usually give solumedrol by IV. The most I ever had was 200mg/day by IV, experimentally, as a last resort – turns out they were giving me an antibiotic that was worsening the asthma while in hospital – but this was an experimental and dangerous dosage, according to the pulmonary specialist in charge. My thought is that the drug is depleting something like your magnesium, and you have a systemic reaction from that as well as the stimulating effects of the steroid. You may need another hormone or a different steroid … there is a support group out of the UK for Cushings/Addisons patients. I’m sure you could find them via Google. Maybe a good endocrinologist? A regular MD doesn’t know enough about endo diseases. Any chance of a tumor on the adrenals?

  4. I have connective tissue disease, Lupus, CRST recently doctor prescribed hydrochloroquine and now prednisone. I really do NOT want to take the prednisone. Will any of these alternatives help with suppressing my conditions

    • Sandra,

      Sorry for the very late reply but we didn’t realize how many posts there were on here. The Serracor N-K and Serra RX80 will certainly help with your conditions as they are very helpful for auto-immune and inflammatory problems. They do not have any of the negative side effects either.

      Biomedic Labs

      • Hello,

        I (47) struggled with Endometriosis for 30 years and underwent 11 surgeries (Laparoscopies & full hysterectomy). You can imagine my internal adhesions/ scar
        tissues I must have. Since estrogen dominance plays a big role for Endometriosis, I have to follow a gluten-, dairy-, SOY- & sugar free diet.
        Meanwhile, I became my own doctor & I know that Anti Depressant won’t help me, as the OB/ GYN wants me to take. To me it seems like if they have no answer to an issue, they just give you more chemicals which causes more damage to your body & soul!!
        I’m so over it after 30 years of research. I could write a book.

        My horrible abdominal pain came back & I know it is Endometriosis/ internal scar tissue and I’m terrified & very depressed about this… Also, I still continue being chronic ill -and
        experiencing chronic pain 😦
        After doing a Meridian Biofeedback Test, my holistic practioner told me to take systemic Enzymes like Serrapeptase for scar tissue.
        I know that it’ll take a while until it kicks in after all these years, but it is another big hope of mine to find a relieve of my pain…

        What do you think?
        Thank you, Isabelle

        Sent from my iPad

      • Isabelle,

        Yes I believe this will help you tremendously. We have an extra strength Serrapeptase called Serra RX260 that I would recommend. These products are great for scar tissue/adhesions.

        Biomedic Labs

  5. I have severe atopic eczema and severe allergies which seems to be causing me chronic inflammation. I get frequently itchy, red, burning sore type feeling skin with pain from the patches in areas which makes things very difficult for me physically and just unbearable at times. I am doing alternative treatment and getting results but progress is very slow due to the amount of steriod I have been given in the past including short doses of prednisone but more topical steriods. I am thinking of first trying the tumeric supplement to see how that can help me with the chronic inflammation before I consider anything else.

  6. Hello, can you please tell me if your “prednisone alternative products” have been used with any success by Sarcoidosis patients? Thank you

  7. My husband has asthma very bad. He takes 5-15 mg of prednisone daily, plus xopenex (sp?) inhaler many more times than he should. I am watching him steadily decline. Would the Serracor N-K and Serra RX80 help him get off these poisons?

  8. Hello, is it a product you make that you would recommend for chronic daily migraines. Safe in teenager years. I am ready to order it along with inflammation medicine (two separate patients). Thank you.m

  9. Hi, after using Vitamin D, DimPro, Serracor N-K and Serra Rx80 by large 10 cms fibroid shrunk to 7.9 cms in two weeks and even the Radiologist was amazed when I told him the power of Serrapeptase. Quick question, I know there is no one answer, but typically how long do these supplements need to be used to achieve fill shrinkage and at what dosage? Also, after full shrinkage, is there a maintenance dose needed to be taken for rest of life?

    • Madhuri,

      It’s really hard to answer that because everyone responds very differently. We always tell people to give it at least 6 months before making a good assessment as to where you stand. There is a maintenance dosage but I wouldn’t focus on that yet.

      Biomedic Labs

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