Success Stories

11/19/2013 – 08:02 PM

I have been using the pulmonary fibrosis bundle for 2 1/2 months. During that time I have had a reduction in my coughing and I am breathing easier with less tightness in the chest
James Nason, AZ
11/05/2013 – 07:12 PM
It works to relieve my breathing and nasal congestion better thqn anything I have tried.
Dr. Jeffrey K Jenkin

10/18/2013 – 01:52 AM
20% improvement in Lung Fibrosis within one & a half month. Amazing !!!
Mr. Hitesh Gandhi,  NY

10/16/2013 – 10:24 PM
I’m 71 and a ex smoker, and a bit overweight. I started the Eat to Live Diet when I started the Pulmonary pack. I have lost 30 pounds and breathing much better – so will continue with both.
Thanks & VBR Jim, Phillipines

August 20, 2013 9:03 AM
My husband has been taking clear lungs, Serracorr-NK, and Serra RX for 6 years. the doctor said he w die in two years is being diagnosed with Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis . Today he alive and well and has never been on oxygen since taking these products. We thank God everyday that we were led to biomedic’s website.

Thank for developing such wholistic products!
Vickie Beson for my husband William Beson
Pulmonary Fibrosis 6-15-2013
Dear sirs, Several years ago I used this product for my diagnosis was earlier pulmonary fibrosis in 2002. about 2008 or 2009 scarring in my lungs had gotten so bad it was difficult to breath. In September 2007 I had a radical prostectamy because of prostate cancer and had just began to control my incontinence when I took both Serracor pills which not only worked for my lungs but actually caused leakage for it must have also went after the scar tissue in my urethra, this is not a complaint. I now have control once again of incontinence and breathing although not perfect good enough I no longer take advair discus for my lungs. Your Serracor works!!! Thank you,
George Valerio
Pulmonary Fibrosis 6-9-2013
My dad is on the pulmonary fibrosis bundle and he is feeling a lot more energetic and is not having problems with his breathing. The coughing has certainly reduced and we are so glad that he is on these products. We will definitely continue using the products.
P. Sukhraj
Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis 4-25-2013
I was diagnosed with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis I and I was getting depressed, because I was told there is no cure and nothing I can do I was still a bit apprehensive when it was suggested that I try a nonprescription natural enzyme to heal my lungs and help my breathingcondition but I am glad I tried it. I have been using your Biomedic Labs RX Pulmonary Fibrosis Bundle of products for 9 months now and Ican honestly say that I am feeling and breathing better. I am not ready to run a marathon yet but my wife says that I am breathing better and quieter at night. I have cut back on the use of oxygen because I don’t feel the need to use the tanks very often. I have even been told by many of my friends and family members that my voice has gotten stronger and returned to sounding like my old self. Another positive change I noticed from the use of these product bundles is the reduced congestion in my chest. I still do cough more then I would like but it is a very different and a much less productive, dryer cough. I would recommend these products to anyone diagnosed with Pulmonary Fibrosis.

Thank you Bob Blood N.J.
Pulmonary Fibrosis 4-25-2013
With a combination of Prednisilone, Serracor NK and Serra Rx the results have been quite amazing. A significant amount of scarring has disappeared and my health has improved drastically. Going from feeling of despair I now am looking forward to the next stage in our life.

R. Watts
Pulmonary Fibrosis 4-2-2013
I been buying these products for my dad for the last 3 months and we have seen some improvement and I know there will be more improvements because of the LORD and these products. thanks so much.

C .Thomas Troy, NC


Pulmonary Fibrosis 3-8-2013
I have been breathing better since I have taken BioMedic’s Serra RX. I have been diagnosed with Pulmonary Fibrosis.

P. Schuette
Follow up to below testimonial for Pulmonary Fibrosis-1-17-2013
There was a incredible improvement, and the exam shows that my father’s symptom was almost stopped. He is still keeps coughing, but the frequency of it was decreased. So I determined to increase the amount of intake of this package.

J. Yu
Pulmonary Fibrosis-1-15-2013
It’s been a yearsince my father uses the package. We all know that Pulmonary Fibrosis does not have a standard way to cure, but so far, the process of my father was really slowed down !! Coughing has been significantly decreased. We have a plan to increase the dosage of this medicine.

J. Yu
Pulmonary Fibrosis 12-29-12
I definitely feel a difference in my breathing, and though I am using the product for pulmonary fibrosis, it actually seems that my scar on my face from a cancer removal seems to be fading, as well. I will continue to use the bundle, especially because of Obamacare because I don’t think I will receive proper medical care for my conditions.

Patti H.
Pulmonary Fibrosis 12-28-12
I began enzyme therapy for scar tissue in my lungs, and have noticed considerable improvements. Additionally, I have noticed that several skin cancers have begun diminishing rapidly and disappearing completely.

Steve H.

Pulmonary Fibrosis 12-23-12
Excellent products. Stopped pain in the chest caused by Pulmonary Fibrosis and my numbers have IMPROVED!

Robert B.

Pulmonary Fibrosis 11-20-12
At the beginning of 2012 my father went into hospital for some tests due to phneumonia and we were given a diagnosis of pulmonary fibrosis. We were very shocked my father is only 67 years old. After a few attempts with steriods and also another medication given to cancer patients we were told to take him home and make him comfortable there was nothing they could do. I had already discovered the medications at biomedic labs and had purchased a pulmonary fibrosis bundle, we showed them to the specialist and he was happy to start him on them straight away. That was in March it is now November and my father does not use any oxygen during the day he only goes on it when he sleeps. He has gone out and bought a new car and is enjoying life. He has to take things easier than before but we are so blessed that we have our father here with us after the hospital had given us the worst possible news. He had a specialist appointment last week and was told the crackling on his chest was very slight and nearly gone. Thank you Biomedic Labs you have saved my father’s life and I am truly grateful.

Kim El Hawzi


11/03/2012 – 03:18 PM
My father has used these products for 3 years. He becomes better or at the least he stays OK, he was hospitalized when he stoped using for a few months.
Qing Yan

monary Fibrosis 10-27-12
I have been taking Serra Rx and Serracor NK, and Clear Lung for just about a year now. I have not had a single lung infection where as, prior to being on this regiment, I was experiencing infections every 3-4 months. I have less chest congestion and mucous, and more energy! I will continue to use these products as they have made a very positive impact on my quality of life! Thank you!

Nancy K.
Breathing 10/24/12
I have been taking these products for only a short period of time but it appears that my breathlessness has reduced significantly.
Rick W.
Pulmonrary Fibrosis 10-09-12
I have been using your product for the past 6 months, which I purchase through Pivotal Health and my mild Pulmonrary Fibrois has been stable an my Lung Function Analysis has greatly improved. I am also getting infusions of my own cultured and expanded stem cells that have been derived from my adipost fat. I have increased my dosage to 12 capsules of Serracor-NK daily, 12 capusules of Serra RX daily, 4 capusles of N-Acetly RX daily and also 6,000 units of D-3 daily. O2 saturation is 99% and I work out 1:45 hours five days per week. One hour of weight training and 45 of weight lifitin. So far so good and that is why I am purchasing a 6 months supply of your product. I will write you another report in the first part of 2012, after I have had a chest CT Scan and another Pulmonary Function Analysis. My pulmonary doctor is very pleased with my results and states that i t appears that I have stopped the progression of my pulmonary firbrois. Thanks so much. Lester
Lester S.
Lung fibrosis 9-15-12
I have scleroderma with lung fibrosis and hardening of my internal organs and skin. After using your product for approximately one month, I have really noticed some wonderful changes. I can breathe deeper without coughing and can walk without being winded. My skin on my hands is actually sofetning up and my hands are straightening out more. Thank you for a wonderful product!
Kim S.

Uterine Fibroids-4-26-2011

These products, (Serra RX80, Exclzyme, DimProRX, and Serracor-NK) are truly remarkable,my heavy periods have disappeared and my tummy are no longer swollen. I have also lost a great deal of weight and I’m no longer tired…. Thank you and keep doing what you do. THE PRODUCT WORKS……

S. Poleon
Pulmonary Fibrosis-4-11-2011
Have been using for 7 months now. My breathing capacity has gone up and I am now stable. My doctor thinks it is my Cpap machine. I know different.

W. Beson

Pulmonary Fibrosis-4-11-2011
My father has been diagnosed with Pulmonary Fibrosis in April 2010. Tried tradition treatment, but didn’t help. He has been taking Serractor-NK and SerraRX since January 2011, and his breathing has been greatly improved and occurance of coughing has been greatly reduced.

L. Gu

Pulmonary Fibrosis-4-6-2011
I have had my 12 yr old Westie on your pulmonary fibrosis package for 5-6 wks. Can already see an improvement in her cough, etc. Placing a new order – intend to keep her on your products for several more months to see how much more improvement she shows. Thanks

R. Stafford

Pulmonary Fibrosis-3-30-2011

It has been just 3 weeks my father started to use PF bundle and he feels better, I am ordering 2 more sets now to continue the treatment.

B. Celet

Pulmonary Fibrosis-3-27-2011
Have improved by 10 percent per breathing machine. My potasium have increased by 350 units. Any thoughts?

D. Entrekin

Pulmonary Fibrosis-3-26-2011
My husband has an advanced case of pulmonary fibrosis but your products have greatly slowed its progress. He is convinced that these products are helping him. It has been five years since he was diagnosed and he is still able to live a normal active life even though he needs to be on oxygen 24X7.

M. Koleski

I have used SerraRX 80 and, SerracorNK, Vitamin D and Vitamin E 3 times daily since 2 weeks. The results are super. The scartissue gets softer from day to day. Even the scar on my penis starts to disappear. I have a mild peyronies case. This product is worth every penny and i will continue using these products!!

S. Seidlitz

Pulmonary Fibrosis-2-25-2011
I started the recommended dosage on 8-7-2010 and as of 2-26-2011, I celebrated 29 weeks of this great alternative treatment for my pulmonary fibrosis. I underwent lung cancer surgery on 5-14-2010 and had half my lower right lobe removed and the surgery also confirmed that I had pulmonary fibrosis. I was put on prednisone for my fibrosis, but the side effects were so great that I decided I would rather die than continue on it. I believe God intervened and suggested to me to do some research on the internet for effective alternative treatments – and I was lead to Bio Medic Labs web site and ordered their Fibrosis Bundle – Serracor & Serra. As a result of the surgery and loosing half my lower right lobe – the doctors estimate that I lost 18 to 20% of my total lung function – this becomes important as you will see. Shortly after my surgery, on 8-4-2010 I underwent a pulmonary function test (breathing test) and it indicated that my FEV1(L) was 67% of predicted. Earlier a breathing test indicated that my lung capacity was about 60% of predicted. On 11-23-2010 I underwent another breathing test and the FELI(L) number had increased to 82% of predicted. So for me – that was 100% of what I could expect due to loosing 18 to 20% of my lung capacity. The predicted numbers in the pulmonary function test assume the person has not physically lost any lung capacity. So the 82% number was GREAT – a true answer to the enzyme treatment and prayer. I had to sleep with oxygen until several weeks of the enzyme treatment – then my oxygen levels were such that I didn’t need to sleep with oxygen anymore and I sent the oxygen equipment back to the supplier. Today, unless I do something real strenuous – I really don’t feel any shortness of breath and I am back to feeling normal. I am over 70 years old and am now back to playing tennis, pickelball, cycling and skiing. I intend to stay on their full dosage as recommended for 270 days and then cut back to their recommended maintenance levels. Biomedic Labs and their fibrosis bundle are a true answer to prayer. Thank you Bio Medic Labs for you products and research. I feel that my fibrosis has largely disappeared. If anyone wants any more information from me, feel free to contact me at –

T. Millard

Inflammation and Pain-2-24-2011
My husband took Serracor Nk for pain relief. His pain has reduced considerably. I will definately recommend it to my friends.

C. Choo

Pulmonary Fibrosis-2-22-2011
My husband was diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis of the lung in the fall of 2009. The doctors believe it is RA that is attacking his lungs and told us there is no cure. They put him on Cytoxin and prednizone but didnt feel the cytoxin had done anything for him so it was disconinued in Oct 2010. They didnt seem to feel there was much they could do for him. He has had several bad infections and several bouts of pneumonia over the past two years. He hated the continuous coughing. The last bout of pneumonia put him in the hospital where they gave him antibiotics thru IV which helped tremendously. Once the double pneumonia was cleared up and the coughing was under control, they discovered that his lungs were actually functioning better. He had started taking Serracor-NK about 6 months ago so we are anxious to see as he continues on it if it might be the Serracor-NK that is actually making the improvement. Although he is still on continuous oxygen he is feeling better than he has in a long time.

B. Davis
High Blood pressure-2-24-2011
There has been significant drop in my once high blood pressure with taking this product. My blood pressure is now 101/69 where as it was 130/85-90. This product is great for maintaining overall health.

Mary Anne S.

Inflammation and Fibrin reduction-2-22-2011
I have used Serracor-NK for a month and I have experienced an amazing relief in the amount of inflammation I have had in my arms and neck from medial epicondilitis.The fibrin in my system seems to be dissipating where I can move my arms and upper body without the tension of stress ans pain that was present a month ago. I have been taking 3 pills TID and will lesson them over the next few months.I am so thrilled to have been introduced to this fabulous product.


Serracor-NK decreased my fibromyalgia pain. As most people with fibromyalgia know, anything that makes life easier is well worth a try!

D. Pearson

Pulmonary Fibrosis-1-26-2011
I have been diagnosed with ideopathic pulmonary fibrosis since 1999. My pulmonary function reduced gradually even I had tried a variety of treatments.I could not walk a short distance without using oxygen. Frequent cough bothered me a lot everyday……I was very upset and worrying about my situation…..Fortunately, I am very glad that I found the products from Biomedic Labs. Only three weeks after I took the SerraRx, Serracor-NK and ClearLungs, I feel my breath become more smooth, SpO2 increased from 86% to 92%, sometimes even reach 96%. Especially, my cough and sputum was much less than before. In many years I first time feel my breath is smooth, quiet when I sleep, not like before with a lot of noise around my throat. At same time, my appetite is getting better, I feel more energy and more important is that I become more confidence and optimistic to fight the deadly disease, feel hopeful about the future. Therefore, my life qaulity is really improved. I have not finished yet the pills that I ordered last month, but I,d like to make the second order to guarantee that I have plenty of them in my hands. I,d also like to recommend IPF patients to try those products, you might be suprised by the amazing results very soon. Good luck. Thanks to Biomedic Labs, LLC.

Xiuming Li

Pulmonary Fibrosis-12-28-2010
I have been using Biomedic Labs bundles recommended for treating idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis for several years and believe that it has been very helpful in keeping my condition under control.

J. McGinnis

Pulmonary Fibrosis-12-15-2010
To Brad:  Just ordered another bottle of Serracor-NK and tryed to order last nite on the web, but it would not go thru!  Anyway…your ad mentioned about giving a testimonial about your product! Normally, my son Doug Haugen, inAtlanta,Ga has been ordering for me. I have been using Serracor-NK since you came out with it!  It has worked super for me since Doug got me going on this one!  Feel much better than I did 3 years ago. It is a “Super Wonderful” product.  I also got a member from my church on it, and he has already seen improvent in just a short time. Thanks for Serracor-NK.

J. Haugen

Pulmonary Fibrosis-12-9-2010
My aunt, 73 years old, has pulmonary fibrosis. She has been using your products( Serracor-NK, Serra RX 80, Clear Lungs Extra Strength, and Vit. D10) for almost 2 years and her pulmonary condition is stable and her cough is almost gone.

Jack Zhang

Deep Vein Thrombosis, clotting-1-2-2011
Mr. Custer:

I am living proof Serracor is absorbed via the GI tract and, in fact, lyses clots.  (Darryl in customer service kindly gave me your email address after I explained how I was trying to reach Dr. Hiroyuki Sumi in Japan and thought you may have a way of contacting him.)  I have been using your company’s Serracor and the prior formula containing 15,000 fibrinolytic units of nattokinase since March 2008.  I was a diagnosed with a VERY LARGE blood clot in my left leg February 2008.  Starting three to four inches above my left knee, traversing behind my knee, into my calf, and extending into my ankle and foot was a blood clot that extended over a four-month timeframe because several physicians didn’t believe me when I stated to them I had a DVT.  Instead, I was worked up for CHF (negative) and told the swelling in my left leg was “normal” because veins become less effective as we age.  As an RN, I was and remain appalled.  My left leg had pitting edema and color changes.  Most lay people readily equate my signs and symptoms with a blood clot.

Symptoms started on or about October 2007 when I injured my leg at 24-hr Fitness.  In addition, I was taking a synthetic estrogen (I will only take natural estrogen now).  Clearly, a blood clot should have topped the list of differential diagnoses with theese risk factors.  I remain perplexed as to why nothing short of a direct nuclear hit got a physician to order the $70 ultrasound showing the life-threatening PROXIMAL clot that easily could have been fatal.

I have read the criticism of nattokinase on sites such as the Heart Scan Blog and disagree with American physicians and researchers who argue nattokinase cannot be abosrbed by the GI tract.  The real problem is that most researchers and doctors in the U.S. have not heard of nattokinase, know little about its history, and readily dismiss this innocent fermented soybean product as having any relevant use in medicine.

Upon diagnosis on or about February 14, 2008, I was started on one week of Lovenox.  After this week, I was instructed to take Coumadin which I filled a prescription for, but did not take more than two doses.  I am aware Coumadin (warfarin) is literally rat poison.  I started doing research and found nattokinase, started on it initially at 4,000 fibrinolytic units per day, then found your company’s pharmaceutical-grade natto and upped the dose to 30,000 FU in the a.m. and 30,000 FU in the p.m.  Serial ultrasounds over a six-month period showed very minimal resolution of the clot.  In fact, it was August 2008 (the last month I had decent health insurance) in which I had the last ultrasound still showing the clot.

Fast forward to December 2009 in which I paid out-of-pocket for an ultrasound to again evaluate the status of the clot.  No ultrasounds were done from August 2008 until December 2009.  After the ultrasound was done, I received a call from the facility stating they needed to repeat the ultrasound to which I responded, “you’re not seeing anything, are you?”  They felt they may have examined the incorrect leg.  I quickly corrected them.  They stated they saw a small remnant of the clot (nothing more) behind the left knee.  At the repeat ultrasound, the radiologist asked what I was taking and I stated “nattokinase”.  Of course, he didn’t know what it was and noted “taking medication” at the top of the ultrasound, obvously misleading any reader of the result with the likely assumption I was taking Coumadin.  Of course, Coumadin only prevents additional clots from forming.  It does not lyse or in any way break down an existing clot.

I have the ultrasound reports to prove the effectiveness of nattokinase and the ultrasound facility has the images on record.  The Japanese people have the longest lifespan of any population on earth.  I have immense respect for their culture, their diet, their values, and their research which is not Big Pharma-backed.  The Japanese use alkaline water in their healthcare system, fully recognizing disease is acid-based.  We do not.  If I had but one suggestion for our healthcare system in view of Japan’s, it would be “stop criticizing, start emulating!”

Brenda Hume, RN, BSN, BA, BS
Inflammation and Joint Pain-12-30-2010

I have used Serracor-NK & Serra RX for almost a year. I ran out several months ago and was busy and forgot to re-order. I noticed recurrent inflammation and joint pain within a few weeks. I re-ordered Serracor-NK and Serra RX and within a couple of weeks of resuming them noticed a dramatic reduction in inflammation and joint pain. I plan not to run out of them again! They have sure worked for me!

L. Tatum

Uterine Fibroids-2-1-2011
I recently gave the 3 enzyme products I am taking for fibroids, to my mother, who is almost 80. After taking them for 6 to 7 days, she said her arthritis pain is almost gone, and taking these enzymes is the only change she’s made. She is so thrilled she is willing to try other products as well.

Alana Boyce

I have switched from other similar product to Serracor-NK. It worked very well better than any brand. Also, “Product Specialist” has been so nice and very supportive. Thank you very much.

T. Soma

Pulmonary Fibrosis-11-27-2010
I used to buy my husband a six pack of tissues a week into which he would cough and spit mucous. Since using “Clear Lungs” and the two other IPF products, his coughing and spitting have been reduced 90%.

L. Thompson

Pulmonary Fibrosis-
Brad, I wanted to tell you how great these vitamins are working for my husband that has pulmonary fibrosis. He is taking the Clear Lungs, Serra RX and Serracor NK. We started in June 2009 and his cough is almost completely gone. He feels so much better. Of course, his doctor said there was no cure for what he has and said Muscinex (sp) would work as good as anything.  It did help some but not like these three together. I’m so glad I searched the internet for an alternative! Keep up the good work!

Joanne & Velde Lee

Scar Tissue-11-21-2010
I have a herniated disc with radiating pain down my thighs. Serra Rx is working on healing the scar tissue in my thighs as I can feel it working when I take it in the morning.

J. Manzler

Pulmonary Fibrosis
Wow, my 84 year old husband had been put on 24 hour oxygen last October…and he had to have it. He has always taken good care of himself, exercising, eating well, taking vitamins and never expected the asbestos scarring in his lungs from his heavy construction work in the 1940’s to suddenly begin to progress! But it did and he was devastated. We learned of your product and had it confirmed by a couple of separate sources. He has been taking it now for nearly 60 days. At 30 days he only used the O2 when he was exerting himself and to sleep. Now he rarely uses it, except to sleep and often even forgets to take a bottle with him “just in case”. It is truly miraculous and we thank God for leading us to you. And we are appalled that medical doctors don’t at least let their patients know that it si a supplement they might want to check out!

M. Campbell

Vocal cord nodule-11-16-2010
Vocal Cord nodule surgery 8 years ago & after, my singing voice slowly got worse. After 6 months of Serra RX, my singing voice is improving!

S. James

Pulmonary Fibrosis-
My husband has experienced much more comfort and ease in breathing since he began using your products for pulmonary fibrosis. He may eventually need a lung transplant but your products have kept his disease almost at a standstill for the past year since he began using them. I wish we had known of these products much earlier in the disease process.

M. Koleski

Glycogen Storage Disease-11-7-2010
My daughter has been diagnosed with Glycogen Storage Disease which requires regular Glucose and Lactate monitoring. The Lactate Pro meter provides us a convenient way to manage her disorder without the need for frequent and expensive blood work done in professional labs.
E. Carlson

Pulmonary Fibrosis-
On 2 october 09 I was diagnosed with IPF At that time I had a hard time breathing and was tired all the time I have been taking Serracor-NK and Serra Rx with Clear lungs thrown in I have noticed a marked improvement I have more energy and it no longer feels like I have blockage in my lungs It has made every day life much easier I still have a long way to go but it looks better that the options I was given by the Mayo Clinic

Thanks alot JB Hamersly
Pulmonary Fibrosis-
I have been taking this for one month and I my breathing has improved feeling much more comfortable.

M. Casquino

Pulmonary Fibrosis-11-9-2010
I have used your Clear Lungs product for the past six years. Having always purchased from my local health food store, I had no idea you had other available products which could help my pulmonary fibrosis. I stumbled upon your website and am delighted to learn of other available fibroid production inhibiting products. Clear Lungs has worked very effectively for me in relieving the constant clear phlegm associated with my cough. I am very excited to employ other products in your arsenal against IPF’s insidious and relentless progression.


Peyronies, Blood Pressure and Cholesterol-
I was suffering from peyronies disease and it cleared that up 100% and  lowered my blood pressure and cholesterol! Oh yes and a scar I have had on my forehead since I was 10 and painful if touched has gone!

R. Hall

Glycogen Storage Disease-11-10-2010
The Lactate Pro Analyzer and Test Strips have literally saved my sons’ lives. Without this meter, their lactate acid would be sky high and we wouldn’t even know it! Thank you for such a GREAT product at a reasonable price!!!

A. Marshall

Pulmonary Fibrosis-
I had developed lung scarring, possibly due to a bout of Pneumonia a year ago. The doctors told me there was nothing I could do to reverse the condition, and I was doomed to live life with 30% diminished lung capacity. Since I am an avid camper and canoeist and love to take hiking trips whenever I can, this news was devasating. I started taking Serracor NK and Serra RX 3X day as well as doing daily woekouts at the gym. When I started I couldn’t even climb one flight of stairs to the weight room without having to stop for breath halfway. Now I am able to walk a fast mile before I do my workout, and can even run up and down those same stairs several times. I still have trouble at high altitude, but even that has improved immensely. I am looking forward to revisiting the lung specialist to show him the improvement in my “irreversible condition.”

Roger Pearson
Pulmonary Fibrosis-
My dads Pulmonary Fibrosis is stable. I give credit to products sold at Biomedic. Thank You!

S. Buglione

General Health-
Purchasing for my grandmother. She has tried a variety of supplements and finds the serracor works the best. Your company has been a pleasure to deal with.

J. Jarvela

Post Nasal Drip-
I have found that this product has helped me enormously with clearing the mucous from my sinuses . I don’t have the post nasal drip any more.

J. Butina

Pain and Arthritis-10-20-2010
My husband has begun taking SerracorNK along with wearing his copper bracelet and taking a glucosamine/chondroitin supplement, and his pain level from arthritis and his back has decreased.

E. Allen

I have had Peyronies Disease (bent penis) for over a year and have been using Searra RX and Serracor-NK for approx 3 months now and have seen good improvement in my penis straightening. I will continue using these supplements and would recommend these 2 products to others.


Pain and Inflammation-
After using Serracor for about a little over a month, I can say that it’s made a dramatic difference in my healing from sciatica. I noticed results immediately but wanted to wait and not taint the results. I am walking and running, compared to using crutches and not being able to sit for more than a minute in excruciating pain. I am hoping after the 2 months treatment, I can get off of acupuncture.

M. Nguyen

Pulmonary Fibrosis-8-18-2010
John has idiopathic pulmonay fibrosis, prior to starting the PF bundle, he coughed so hard and so often is was awful, he was extremely tired and his activity was really limited. He is 82 years old and prior to the pulmonary fibrosis he was very active, cutting wood outside, yard work and so much more all of this came to a stop with PF. He has been on the pulmonary fibrosis bundle now for a little over 8 weeks the improvements are unbelieveable. He went out and put up a grape arbor for me a week ago, his other family members also sees large improvements. His pulmonoligist saw him for the first time in 9 weeks and John is not getting any worse he is stable, so now he will continue on the therputic levels of the pulmonary fibrosis bundle and we will see what else it can do. IT IS AMAZING there is nothing for the doctors to prescribe and you have nothing to loose by trying this except scar tissue out of your lungs and regaining some good health. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

Submitted by Johns significant other.

My husband started using this product for a curvature in his penis they said may be peyronies. Within a week the curve was begining to straighten! His blood supply was returning, and no side effects were seen!! We have been very happy that we found this product as the doctor was saying he would need surgury or ultra sound to break up the scar tissue.

Thanks Mark and Alexis

Pulmonary Fibrosis-
Three Doctors said I have Idiopathic Pulmanary Phibrosis and a maximum of 3 to 5 years to go. I got on my computer and found information on Serracor. That was 7 years ago after their diagnosis. I’m still and thank the good Lord for everything. Enough said…

Regards Peter

Pulmonary Fibrosis-10-9-2010
In November of 2009, I was tired and sought a sleep test. Immediately the Pulmonary Doctor declared a suspicion that I had uip, severe scaring of my lungs and might likely need a lung transplant to live. Many second and third consultations were as dreary,One doctor told me to go home and call hospice so I didn’d die “naked under a sheet in the ER,.” Istarted the supplements in March and have remained faithful around the clock. THese enzmymes were my hope that the medical profession were wrong and that I will continue to life my wonderful life . I remain on supllemnetal Oxygen at night and during the day when I am exerting at work. I also am able of 30 minutes of cardio workout each morning, something I could not do in November. I was then so de conditioned. Thanks for you!

M. Gindhart
Pulmonary Fibrosis-11-29-2010
I have been taking Serracor now for 5 months and the clear lung suppliment also. I have had excellent results from them. I’ ll have my check up with the doctor on 12/3/10 an see just how much improvement I’ve made, I think it’ll be significant.


Uterine Fibroids-
I have been taking Serracor for the past 3 weeks for fibroids. I can’t believe whats happening in my body!, One of the fibroids which was the size of an orange and protruded through my abdomen has shrunk back quite significantly. Happy days :), I will continue taking Serracor and hopefully be fibroid free within the next few months.


Pain and Inflammation-10-28-2010
I have found Serracor NK to be of great benefit in reducing the number of muscles aches I was experiencing as a result of trigger points. It has resulted in increased endurance when running.I highly recommend Serracor NK as a great adjunct to a good healthy body.

K. Sharpe

Scar Tissue and Adhesions-
In my younger years, I underwent 4 C-Sections & a Hysterectomy, which later evolved into 4 more surgeries to remove scar tissue with no enduring success. Then I discovered Bio-Medic Labs, Serracor-NK, and later Serra-RX. After 11 months, the adhesions were gone, chronic pain-nearly unbearable-was gone. One mass attached itself to the peritoneum (membrane which surrounds stomach),and when stomach was either full or empty, the pain was excruciating! My health has been restored. I am now taking the maintenace dose of Serracor-NK along with Serra RX, and will happily do so for the rest of my life! I suffered unbelievably for a total of 4 years after surgeries, but NOW LIFE IS WONDERFUL. Thank you Bio-Medic Labs!


Maureen G.

Pulmonary Fibrosis-12-29-2010
My partner has pulmonary fibrosis. He has lived with it for five years and the disease has had little progress due to the effectiveness of your products. While we discovered Serra Rx after the disease had already progressed to the point that he must be on oxygen at all times he is able to otherwise live a normal life doing the things he loves. He can even take short hikes and do work around the house and yard. He is a singer and drummer of native music and is even able to continue in this way. He truly believes in your products.

M. Koleski

My keloid scarring has been reduced considerably since I have been using your two products – Serracor-NK and Serra RX80. Thanks for your great products.

C.  Pinon

Pulmonary Fibrosis-
My mother was given 3-6 months to live after being diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis. After declining treatment with Immuran, she decided to try enzyme therapy suggested by myself and my sister. After approximately 2 months, she was off of her oxygen completely and once again leading a normal life. I have now decided to try your enzymes for my fibroids. Thank you, for saving my mother.

S. Reynolds

I just wanted to let you guys know that your product Serracor-NK used in conjunction with a great Vitamin E from Texas did the trick. My peyronies is 90% gone after less than a year on your product. Thank you so very much. I will continue using both products forever.

Excellent products for maintaining overall health. Insidious yet positively beneficial product. Have been using for last 2 years so.

P. Yoon

Pulmonary Fibrosis-7-26-2010
On May 28,2010 my oxygen level was 79 after taking a shower.After this short time of taking these enzymes I now have levels at 88-89 after taking a shower.I hope to continue getting better.I will keep you posted with each order.

K. Schriek

I have suffered with Peyronies Disease for almost a year and a half now and while nothing has seemed to really “cure me”, through the use of the Serracor-NK product, my doctor and I have definitely noticed an improvement in my condition; a softening of the damaged tissue as well as the seeming ability for the said tissue to “reshape” during VED therapy.   Needless to say, I am sold and wouldn’t even consider continuing with my rehabilitation without the Serracor-NK product.

Nik F.

Pain and bloating
I have received the most positive results from taking Serracor NK! I was experiencing some pain in the joints in my fingers and had tried various natural products with no noticeable improvement. I found Serracor NK after researching on the internet and after 2 weeks began to experience relief. I noticed that I also had relief from gastric bloating and flatus formation! Thanks for this very good product!

C. Daul

Uterine Fibroids-11-9-2010
I was using Vitalzym, but after they changed their formula, I opted to try your products for uterine fibroids instead. I love them all… In the past I had to rely on the pill to stop my menstrual flow, and was always concerned because of the cysts in my breasts. But thanks to Dimpro, that has changed. Thanks for your products!!!

K. Cordell
Scar Tissue, Keloid-11-14-2010
My keloid scarring has been reduced considerably since I have been using your two products – Serracor-NK and Serra RX80. Thanks for your great products.

C. Pinon

Pain and Swelling

Serracor-NK has relieved the swelling in my ankles and taken the pain from my wrist in one month. It has also cleared up my congested sinus I thought I would have to live with. If it can do this what else is it doing for my heart and body? Thank you, Chester Hall.I had a lot of mucus in my lungs causing me wheezing and breathing problems. With SERRA RX the wheezing and the mucus disappeared within a week.

R. Effings

Used Serracor for 30 days, has completely relieved the pain from my peyronie’s. Very happy with results thus far.


Scar Tissue, Pain and Inflammation

My name is Diane, I am almost 51 years young and have suffered with overall severe abdominal pain that extends upward to just below my ribs for nearly 26 years.  I had an emergency c-section with our daughter in June of 1981 and not quite 2 years after I had experienced tremendous pain in my abdomen coupled with my monthly horrific heavy periods that would last 7-9 days at a time.  I was told by my gyn that I had numerous cysts on my ovaries and scheduled laser surgery in 1983, however; this did not take care of the problem.  Years later,  I then went to another gyn to find out why I was still having so much pain and he did explorative laparoscopic surgery and what he found was massive inflamation and scar tissue throughtout.  He told my husband and I that I would need surgery to remove the scar tissue as it can strangulate the bowels as well as the surrounding organs.  Needless to say I chose not to have the surgery as I felt that another surgery would only lead to more scar tissue.  Not only do I have overall abdominal inflammation & alot of scar tissue but I also have suffered with IBS for more than 20 years on top of this!  My entire abdomen area is always bloated and painful to barely touch!  I was a wreck! As the pain worsened,  I became panic driven to find something…, anything,…. natural or otherwise that would alleviate my problems.  I can’t lean up against any hard surface, wear anything remotely tight on my abdomen; even when my husband would come behind me and wrap his arms around my waist I would be in total agony!!!! I just hurt 24/7!!!  I knew things were getting worse for me and was scared to death of the outcome of having surgery.  I tried every remedy known to man but had found nothing that even came close to working for me. Three weeks ago I stumbled upon a product called Serracor. I ordered the Serracor-NK after reading all the testimonies and doing massive internet research on systemic enzymes. Being that I thought I had tried everything already to no avail, I was very skeptical regarding this product but decided to make an order anyways.  Upon receiving the Serracor 3 days later after I placed my order (which was very fast service by the way), I started taking them immediately.    I totally had no expectations for this product as I had been disappointed with other “remedies” so many times before.  Upon the third full day of taking 3 capsules in the morning and three capsules at night, I woke up the 4th day and was in absolute disbelief that I could put my shorts on and not have excruciating pain.  I thought it was a fluke.  I kept poking my entire stomach area to see if I had imagined this.  I leaned up against our kitchen counter and “NO PAIN”!!!  I poked my abdomen again and again  and “NO PAIN”!  I have not had ANY of my usual IBS symptoms whatsoever!!!  OMG!  I feel like I’m living a dream and this can’t be true but it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Everyday from that 4th day, I am getting better and better!  With God as my witness, these are my results after only a few short weeks of taking this and I am feeling like a much younger, pain free human being again; something I never thought would be possible for me. I cannot even begin to tell Biomedic Labs how very, very thankful I am to them for this miracle product!  I will continue this for the rest of my life, you can take that statement to the bank…I promise!  Not only will I continue with the Serracor but I am going to add the Serra Rx to my daily regimen!!!!!  PLEASE, if you’re a skeptic like I was; do yourself the best favor of your life and try this product!!!!!!!!!!     Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Diane G. English

I have had Peyronies for the past 6 years. The only treatment offered to me has been Vit E or under the knife, ( At a large cost).So gave Serracor-NK and Serra RX80 a try. Have seen good results with both the bend and thickness. The bend is less pronunced and has thickened back up to pre Peyronies. Thank you. Will keep using untill back to normal.

S. Hey

Pulmonary Fibrosis
Diagnosis of Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis confirmed 12 months ago. Slight but significant improvement evident after 2 months on Serracor-NK and Serra Rx. Intend to continue treatment.

D. Webster

Pain and Inflammation-
I’ve been using Serracor_NK for the past 3 months and I’ve gone from crawling on the floor with no sleep to an almost active lifestyle in just that little time of recovery. I’ve been able to reduce my acupuncture visits and feel great after a debilitating sciatica of the L4-5 injury. It has not only reduced my recovery time but has lightened my wallet with all the bills from other therapy piling up.

M. Nguyen

Pain and Inflammation-
Since I’ve been using Serracor, the inflammation in my shoulders and knees have decreased tremendously. The have gradually continued to improve so I’ve referred it to several others I know that have inflammation issues.

C. Hendrickson

Pulmonary Fibrosis-
My physician stated that a recent chest x-ray showed no progression in my pulmonary fibrosis when compared with an earlier one.


Pulmonary Fibrosis-2nd testimonial submitted
I am very satisfied with the results with my Fibrosis and have already reordered twice.

R. Effings

Pulmonary Fibrosis-
My mother has been taking this for 2 months now, and she is able to walk more and breath a lot better now. thank you so much.

C. Michael

Pulmonary Fibrosis-
My dad has being using these products since feb, 2010 and he is doing much better. He can do now alot of thing by himself. HE WAS DIAGNOSED WITH PULMUNARY FIBROSIS.

J. Jimenez

Allergies, joint discomfort

I am currently using the Serracor NK product with wonderful results. I am a Licensed massage therapist in the State of Florida and have highly recommended your product to many of my clients who complain of muscle/joint pain etc. I would like to be able to buy your product at a “professional” pricing structure, most recently I bought a 300 capsule supply from a friend who is a Chiroprator here in Fla at a reduced price as compared to your posted price on the site. I am 65 years old and have had tremendous relief from all sorts of complaints, from allergies, to muscle/joint discomfort and certainly I can “feel” a difference in the realease of “fibrous” restrictions in my tissues.

Thank you for a wonderful product.

Bob Lutzon
Palm Harbor FL

Pain and stiffness-
I have suffered from stiffness and pain relating to surgeries on my left ankle after a bad break years ago. I have been taking Serracor-NK for about two months and believe it has improved the healing process. Thanks

C. Green

Uterine Fibroids-11-3-2010
I have been taking the Serra RX and the Serracor, along with the Dimpro and the Vitamin D. I have seen a tremendous improvement in my overall health and the large fibroids have been shrinking alot! Praise the Lord for these products,trully they are a God sent. I will continue to take these supplements, because they are making me feel and look better. Thank you so much, and keep up the good work.


Blood Pressure, Inflammation and Pain

To Whom It May Concern;

I am retired from nursing, and have become a caregiver for my parents. Because of the added stress-ors, and my age (54 y/o) my blood pressure went up to 160/80 consistently. Intermittently, I have dangerously had higher than that. I also have a uterine fibroid that is 10 cm. and 9 other smaller ones.

This morning I went to my yearly V.A. hospital check up, and after taking Serracor 9 per. day for 2 1/2 weeks my vital signs are, B.P. 120/60 P. 60. My doctor said “I don’t know what to contribute it to”.  He indicated that he can’t make statements about Serracor because it isn’t authorized.  Also, I after a serious automobile accident I couldn’t turn my head to the right enough to safely check traffic while driving. I can now turn my head both right, and left with very minor discomfort. I am now hopeful and, waiting for my cholesterol test with good thoughts.

Thank you for greatly increasing my chances of survival.

Lisa Breshears

Peripheral Neuropathy-
I received my Serracor 2 days early. I started out taking the product to remove scar tissue buildup inside my eye after cataract surgery. The surgery has left me legally blind in that eye. My peripheral vision was completely diminished. After about a week or so on the Serracor my vision has begun to clear substantially and is continuing to improve. I am so grateful that such a product exists, I can’t believe its not part everyday common medicine. Your products and service are way beyond what I expected.


Fibroid Tumors-
I have been taking this product for a fibroid tumor I was diagnosed with by my doctor in February of this year. I made the decision to take your product, instead of the biopsy. I am glad I did not go along with her suggestion. This is the first time in years I am having a menstrual cycle that is not heavy and painful.  I would always flow very heavy the first day, and the first day only. Usually the first day, I would be home in bed instead of going to work.


Guadalupe B.
Moline, IL
Pulmonary Fibrosis-
Thank you for your time. Colin has experienced an increase of 4% lung capacity and has regained confidence. Thank you Ronnie

C. Stade

Pulmonary Fibrosis-12-22-2010-Note:This is a follow to the testimonial above.
Thank you for your time. A further improvement in lung function has been noted.

C. Stade

This is a first…I have plenty of energy to function without having to take time off from work. I am so happy I found you on the internet. I also have fibroids and on top of my uterus that was large(6cm)fibroid. My periods were awful and very painful that my family doctor put me on naproxin 500mg 2x a day which helped some but each and every month the pain was getting worse.I told my husband that if the pain would get any worse, I would need to go to the hospital. So I’m so glad I got on the internet for information on fibroids and up with loads of information and not to have surgery which I was going to do. Now that I’ve been taking SEBkinase for 3 weeks,3 pills,3x a day,had my period and what a relief. I’m in a awwwwwww about this product. I will continue to take this product for a few more months and then on a maintenance up keep. If any one out their thinks this product is too expensive-think about the down time surgery is and the pain that goes with it. My husband was all about purchasing this product and said what do we have to loose except the problem. I’m just so glad I did. If you have any question on this product please read the testimonials on this product and just try it,you will be amazed like I was. Thank you SEBkinase!!!! You saved me from surgery…..

Linda B.

Pulmonary Fibrosis-
I ordered your Serra RX capsules and Serracor-NK-SEBkinase capsules for my father after internet research for his dignosed lung condition. His condition is no worse now and actually seems slightly better. We believe it is due to this medication. Thankyou.

D. Clarke

I have a fibroid tumor in my uterus, my doctor found on an ultra sound. I had a lot of pain from the pressure. Within two weeks of taking Serracor I stopped having that painful pressure. By the end of the bottle I had virtually no pain and the fibroid was considerably smaller. I also noticed a decrease in energy, when I didn’t take my Serracor for a few days. So there definitely is a noticeable difference.

T. Hooper

Pulmonary Fibrosis-
As promised yesterday I went to our lung specialist,  after having the test I have good news that the fibrosis has stopped and I am looking forward to recovery. So i would like to say thank you for your medicine, it’s been a life saver and a good experience. The oxygen in the blood went from 92% and is up to 97% from the permanent supply of 6 to 8 com to 3 and 4 litres Looking for further improvement to eliminate this need of the permanent bottle to carry .Your help is the only one in the all world of medicine to challenge this mother nature imperfection ,and the one deserve to be respect and recommend to rebalance health again .With gratitude your 73 year old custuma, Domenico
(you can wrait the testimony as you please on me name as long you stay on this information ,of cors from Australia)


I have experienced greatly reduced inflammation in my body after using your product. I highly recommend it to any one interested in complementing a detoxification and nutritional supplementation program.

John W.

Joint pain and general well being-
Serracor has helped with joint pain and general well being for us, for several years now. Lends more energy and stamina throughout the day, as well. Many Thanks!

S. Miller

Pulmonary Fibrosis-
I was diagnosed with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis.  Since then I have been using Biomedic Labs products including the new product, Serracor NK.  I see my pulmonologist semiannually and he believes my condition is pretty well in check, progressing at only a very slow rate.  At age 70, I’m still playing tennis 2 or 3 times a week.  My doctor is aware of the supplements that I am taking and just tells me to keep doing what I’m doing.  So I will continue to take Serracor NK and Serra RX which certainly seems to be helping.

K. Russel

Uterine Fibroids-
My wife had a softball sized fibroid located in her pelvic area. the doctor recomemded surgery to remove it. I went on line a found Serracor-NK, within three weeks her fibroid had been reduced 25% according to ultra-sound results.

B. Schneider


I have been using Serracor for approximately 45 days plus for moderately severe peyronie’s disease. Physician’s reommendation was vitamin E and live with it. I have already experienced significant reduction in placques, increse in girth and length. I am looking forward to completing the 6 month period as recommended.


Pain and Inflammation-
Worked wonders for my wife’s chronic and crippling back muscles inflammation and pain that no osteopath or doctor could cure. Now 100% resolved!

C. Palmer

I have been taking Serracor-NK, 3 capsules daily for 4 months and have a noticeable improvement in my Peyronies Disease. I have used similar products with no results. Thank you!

C. Duren

Pain and Inflammation-
I have used Serracor-NK for about 30 days and love it. It has made a huge difference in the tingling pain in my arms and hands. When I ran out, I really noticed a difference.

Ledderhose disease-
I have used serracor- nk with serra rx one time (lg. bottles) & my ledderhose on my feet have softened & are less painful. I’m back for more!

J. Hatchard

Pulmonary Fibrosis-7-27-2010
I was diagnosed with Pulmonary Fibrosis after taking the drug plavix, and told there was no cure for the condition. I have been taking Rx (2 3x & NK 3 2x) for 100 days. It takes time but I’ve seen significant improvement after the first 80 days. I now see daily improvement. Lung function is obviously better. I will continue with this regimen as I believe it has saved my life.

J. Hart

Pulmonary Fibrosis-11-16-2010
This product has helped my husband to be able to do more, and not be so tired.

A. King

Pulmonary Fibrosis-
My husband was diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis. Since using these products he has greatly improved!

D. DeStafano

Pulmonary Fibrosis-
My aunt is 70 years old and got pulmonary fibrosis since last year. She got great improvement after taking RX 80, Serracor-NK, and ClearLungs for a month, and asked me to order these products again for 4 month usages. She will take medical exams for her lung soon after the New Year Holiday.

X. Zhang

Pain and Inflammation-
This is great stuff. My yoga teacher told me it would help my left hip, and it did. Thanks

K. Flood

Serracor-NK has helped keep me pain free since shortly after I started taking it. I no longer need to see my acupuncturist.

Pain and Inflammation-
Serracor NK is great stuff. It reduced pain and swelling in my fingers, creaking in my knees, and even helped a chronic neck/shoulder problem that has troubled me for years.

Scar Tissue-
This product (Serra RX80) is working great to reduce scar tissue around my stomach resulting from surgery. It’s 60% gone after 20 days!!!

C. Walker

Uterine Fibroids-
In January, I started using Serracor 3 capsules 3x per day having just increased from 3 capsules in the morning and 4 capsules at bedtime… My first cycle since being on Serracor is approaching and it seems that my fibroids usually swells during this time.  I am felling much better now and the pain during cycles is considerably less than before.  The lumps that I felt in my stomach have flattened out and the sonograms are showing tremendous results in shrinkage.  I’m optimistic about what I may see in the future.  Hope this will continue to work for me.


Scar Tissue and Fibroid Tumors-
Hi, I started taking Serracor about 2 weeks ago. I had been living for months witha lot of pain in the pelvic area and nothing would help me, my doctor checked me for cancer due to a abnormal pap smear test and after a few tests and having the results of not having cancer, I decided to go ahead and get the Serracor. WELL, let me tell you, may God bless the woman who told me about Serracor, because I had no clue, yes I had fibriod tumors in my uterus, ovaries, endometriosis, horrible pain but no idea on how to fix it, I order the female formula from doctor Shultz and no help, took lots of RM 10 from Garden of Life, stopped all sugars, and on and on and on. But nothing help. Now with the Serracor I have no pain and it didn’t take months as soon as I started taking it , I felt better and now I am back on track, I can exercise,have the freedom to do whatever I want and no MORE PAIN! , a scar from gallbladder surgery is so smooth now that I think is amazing and some scar tissue in my eyes is gone. I have taken so many supplements and tried so many things but nothing works as great as Serracor. At first it seem expensive but now that I know it works, it actually saves me money and time, because I am not on a wild chase after some cure out there that  might work but it takes time, more money and a lot of days lost due to the pain.

Aida A.

I cannot do without your Serracor-NK product. I have been plagued with horrible endometriosis pain for the last 5 years and only after taking your product for 1 month, the pain is completely gone. Thanks for making such a quality product!!

S. Davies

Pulmonary Fibrosis-
I have pulmonary fibrosis. When I was unable to buy the product for about 3 weeks, I experienced pain, which subsided when I was able to take the product again. The SerraRX is especially good. Thank you!

Marilyn W.

Scar Tissue-
My life began again when starting your products.I have had surgery every 18 months for scar tissue and adhesion removal throughout my life and as health insurance and medicine has changed so did my health care. Doctors did not care or seem to know the words “pain levels” In a cat scan once my appendix was described as healthy and functioning when I explained I had them removed thirty two years before to the Dr he asked me if I was sure. I have body movement that I actually forgot I had. I know I still need to take the medicinal dose as when you do not send immediately I can feel the tightening.Please let me thank you and hope you continue to market these (Serracor and Serra RX80) wonderful products.

Susan H.

Pain and Inflammation-
My husband has swelling on the knee. After taking just 2 the swelling went down in a few hours, so he takes it daily. He said he has almost no pain after 3 days of taking mine!

P. Schmidt

Pulmonary Fibrosis-Note:
This testimonial was slightly modified as this customer speaks Spanish and doesn’t write fluent English.

Dear Brad,
I’m buying these medications for my father who is 74 years old and with pulmonary fibrosis. He’s been taking it for 2 months and is already feeling better. He doesn’t cough anymore and feels more strength to walk and do things. His sickness is very advanced , so hopefully this medicine will help him to go through difficult times.

Oriana Resola


Serracor NK is great stuff. It reduced pain and swelling in my fingers, creaking in my knees, and even helped a chronic neck/shoulder problem that has troubled me for years.

N. Chaffin

Hip Dysplasia

We started giving our Border Collie 2 a day of the Serra RX for hip dysplasia and within the first 2 weeks she was running around and the big bump in her hip was disappearing. She looks like she has lost a few pounds also. This is a miracle pill. I am orderinng more for my mom so I will let you know how it works with her chronic back pain. thanks so much.


Pain, Scar Tissue and Inflammation

Hey, Former powerlifter who once suffered obscene levels of scar tissue, pain and decreased mobility. The enzymes solved all of that. My ART practitioner/chiropractor was amazed. Also, severely helped my wife’s pain reduction and overall feeling of well being. Many thanks.

E. McCormick

Pulmonary Fibrosis
I’m just beginning my 3rd month, but my cough (which I have been doctoring with ($$$$) for over 3 years) has improved immensely!!! People even mention to me that they hardly hear me cough anymore. My next CAT scan is scheduled for May of next year and I am so, so, so hopeful that it will show some changes in the pictures that will show that the fibrosis is dissolving. Mostly because that means I may be getting better, but also to prove to my specialist that maybe they should look at things more open mindedly, especially when they have NOTHING else to offer!!!!!


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  1. Please advise me as to what product would help me the most with chronic inflamation. I just went to my doctor and wants to put me on prednizone. I know the side effects of prednizone. I get breathless walking, but the inflamation throughout my body seems to be the worst symptom. What product from biomediclab would be the best for inflamation.

    • When dealing with Chronic inflammation the most effective and all natural way to address it is to use enzyme therapy. We have seen great success with our two main products Serracor-NK and Serra RX80. Both products will help to dissolve the inflammation. To insure that your inflammation stays down or doesn’t reoccur we have also had a lot of success with Vitamin D3RX. If you have questions you can call us at 1-888-298-7363

  2. I simply want to tell you that I’m beginner to blogs and certainly loved your website. Almost certainly I’m want to bookmark your blog post . You surely come with tremendous well written articles. Thank you for revealing your web site.

  3. Well researched article. I’ve bookmarked your blog to read when I have more time. Thank you for providing this information.

  4. Just wondering if you can take this as a regular daily prevention. I have an irratable bowel from time to time and i take prednizone for a few weeks and it goes away.I also had aupper back injury this year and prednizone help the pain go away, but I dont want to take it anymore. So i think i need a inflamatory pill on a regular basis to just keep upmy health. Can you recommend something for me?

  5. my mom aged 70yrs was diagonised with Ild(lung disease)on july 2011.she coughs day and night.chest ,stomach pain due to coughing.suffers frm breathlessness.can she be treatment in allopathy.Can i afford ur treatment.what would be the cost to india.

  6. Hello I need to ask about my elevated ANA’s. my doctor is telling me that Im showing
    RArthritis and Sjogrens. I’m 43 what supplements would
    You suggest ?

    • Sandy,

      I would higly recommend the Serracor-NK and Serra RX80 for both conditins. These will help out tremendously with the inflammation in the body. I would think within 6 weeks you should see improvement and maybe sooner.

      Biomedic Labs

  7. Hello Biomedic Labs,
    Do you believe that these enzymes digest scar tissue within an organ as well as on the outside of the injury? Do new blood vessels grow once the scar tissue is dissolved? Doctors say that uterine scarring inhibits proper blood flow from the uterus to the placenta in pregnancy. So, after taking an intense regimen of enzymes, do you believe the uterus can be back to normal with strong blood flow throughout? (Even though one can perhaps experience healing by “feeling” decreased rope-like tissue in the abdomen, we can’t “feel” healing within an organ.) Thanks!

    • Nora,

      So sorry we are just now replying to you. We didn’t realize how many people were on here until recently so we are managing as best we can now. Anyway, I noticed you placed an order back in July but that was all. Did you have a reaction of some sort? It is our belief that the enzymes will help to dissolve the scar tissue within the organ as well. We haven’t done any studies to show proof but it is still our belief based on years of feedback. I do not know that the blood vessels are effected in the first place so new ones would probably not form. My wife has had 3 c-sections and will be having another in about 6 months with our 4th child. She has taken the enzymes consistenly for the past 10 years before and after her c-sections and has never had one complication afterwards. We contribute this to her consistently high enzyme levels which prevent scarring in the first place. I beleive the uterus can get back to almost normal if the enzymes are taken regulary. I hope this helps…

      Biomedic Labs

  8. After complications during surgery I now have bowel adhesions causing me a great deal of pain and discomfort. Do you have a product that will help me this? My wife ordered Serra RX 80. Is this the correct medication for my condition?


    • Graeme,

      So sorry to now just be replying to you. We sort of abandoned the blog as we didn’t realize how many people were on it and asking questions. So sorry…I see that you did order from us but only once. Did you experience something negative? It will help with your complications.

      Biomedic Labs

  9. Hi,
    I’m highly considering to by your products to less a lot of scar tisssue / fibroid formation post-surgery. (now 6 weeks later). I have an extremely balanced diet relatively low on protein (eggs or fish once a day). I seee that SerraRX is the active Serrapeptase which helps dissolve dead tissue: why do you recommend — and I see many who do — to take it in combination with Serracor NK?

    • Mo,

      We simply recommend the Serra RX80 along with the Serracor-NK because we have found people see results faster. You could use one or the other but this is the best combination for scar tissue. Please let us know if you have any other questions.

      Biomedic Labs

  10. I am from Canada. No one has helped me with autoimmune chronic uriticaria (hives) and angioedema to the point where I can hardly swallow. Today my lip is swollen so I cannot drink.
    Please has anyone been helped with your product? On prednisone and cannot get off.

    • Diane,

      Our product Serracor-NK has been very helpful for all autoimmune conditions. I would highly recommend that along with Serra RX80 if possible. You should notice results within a month or so.

      Biomedic Labs

  11. what research if any has been done to see the effects of this enzyme on fusion surgery… I am getting mixed info from my surgeon..

  12. My mum has been diagnosed with pulomar fibrosis she also suffers badly from fibromyialgia. Her cough is too much for her and its only been really ba for hte last monthg i can see continue and feel helpless to make her feel better. Reading all of the above where can i get an order placed for Seracor-nk or SerraRX ??

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